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.sendKeys not working in 1.2.2 David Turner 9/3/14
Unable to run appium on Safari browser on Real Devices Jitendra kumar 9/3/14
Getting error in Appium that mobile:longClick is not there another way ? CS 9/3/14
Integrating Appium and Jenkins Anuj Yadav 9/3/14
Keyevent no longer used for Appium Error when trying to automate tapping device menu button Cameron S. 9/3/14
Urgent : Chrome Browser is crashing when url is about to load Hariprasath Varadhan 9/3/14
SOS Appium + Jenkins Miriam lopes 9/3/14
How to contribute to the community! Pooja Shah 9/3/14
scrollTo does not work in android using selenium webdriver java Supriya Vivek 9/3/14
Able to locate the element but unable to click on it Sasi Pavan 9/3/14
Extra space problem while using 'Accessibility id' strategy to locate element in iOS Kumar Pratyush 9/3/14
Moving to Jonah Stiennon 9/3/14
android.util.AndroidException: INSTRUMENTATION_FAILED: ramshankar testing 9/3/14
Appium crashes when clicked on inspector Prabhash Singh 9/2/14
Appium Maps - Location Testing on Android Bobby Jap 9/2/14
Appium crashing when opening the Inspector QTester 9/2/14
Upgrading node version of Appium Jeffrey Blaze 9/2/14
Element could not be tapped issue odqwis 9/2/14
How to wait for elements if using java-client? Bob Marius 9/2/14
4 small text boxes, found them, but sendKeys() is sending all text to the first box ….please help ! CS 9/2/14
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