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How to Use/Install Apparat and TDSI? E2daZ 2/3/17
TDSI tool not working Dimitris C. 1/23/14
TDSI: any concerns regarding latest Flash player versions, Stage3D calls? Rezmason 12/13/12
How do I get more info about errors? [tdsi] [FATAL] 6 Arthur Wulf White 11/11/12
Arithmetic with decimal parameters Simon Richardson 10/19/12
TDSI Assertion failure and hang when writing SWF. skyboy 1/8/12
Reducer with 7z enabled does not work. electroteque 1/6/12
LZM compression + Ant Task electroteque 1/6/12
Various issues when rewriting function Stanisław Pitucha 11/27/11
LZMA Reduced SWF file has reduced resolution srayker 10/25/11
Apparat Reducer stalls at 'Launching tool: Reducer' Jamie 10/14/11
branch coverage 9/7/11
error when building apparat from source oohazard 8/8/11
Reducer compresses swf but fails to run 7/5/11
Strange behaviour with flex-mojo's build vs using apparat directly 6/23/11
dump does not export bytecode devboy 6/16/11
Running stripper on an alchemy-built swc Der Schmale 6/14/11
stack underflow after running tdsi Erik 6/4/11
sequential ant tdsi oom failure Erik 6/3/11
using apparat (reducer) from inside FDT4 Sebastian Telschow 6/1/11
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