App Inventor Open Source Development

The MIT Center for Mobile Learning is pleased to announce the official free and open-source release of the MIT App Inventor source code at

Our hope is to nurture a robust and active open-source community, now that we have deployed MIT’s large-scale public App Inventor service. We will be updating this site with each new release of MIT App Inventor. We have also posted supporting documentation and will continue to add more as it evolves.  

In addition we have created a forum for the App Inventor open-source developer community. The forum will be managed by MIT App Inventor Development Team Member José Flores. José is enthusiastic about helping this community realize its potential to become the source of creativity that will evolve and extend App Inventor and open the power of mobile apps development to learners and aspiring developers of all ages. We look forward to all of your feedback and questions as we move forward in the development of App Inventor.

Enjoy the code, and Happy Inventing!

Andrew McKinney
MIT Appinventor Technical Lead

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