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Hi guys! You're in the Apophysis dev group. Feel free to discuss anything you want about programming Apophysis, your successor projects and what you think about where Apophysis and fractal flames need to go.

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Apophysis 7X: List Index Out of Bounds :( thejo...@zoho.com 1/2/15
Apophysis N status Kristian Schneider 11/13/14
msvcr110.dll ext mskitt...@gmail.com 8/11/14
7x64 - Memory limit doesn't work? spieg...@gmail.com 5/10/14
missing dll loop cokemo...@gmail.com 3/13/14
Apophysis 7x64 error its...@gmail.com 3/10/14
(7x16) Access violation at address 0059638A in module "Apophysis7X.exe". Read of address 000001C8. zzz.sl...@gmail.com 1/18/14
7X16 bug? Stephen Daly 12/12/13
Possible new colour functionality Stephen Daly 11/26/13
Apophysis 7X (Public Domain) Georg Kiehne 10/15/13
Porting of Delphi Pascal to FreePascal rosros 8/16/13
Migration of the 7X source code to SourceForge Georg Kiehne 7/28/13
Apo dev FYI Georg Kiehne 7/17/13
Group managers Georg Kiehne 7/15/13
Ahoy hoy! cyberxaos 6/30/13
Let's gather Georg Kiehne 6/29/13