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Welcome to the APBS Users Google Group.  This is a forum for discussion of the APBS software.  Many of the posts on this list have been migrated from the older apbs-users mailing list at Sourceforge.net.  Please be sure to search for the answer to your question prior to posting again on the list.

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Visualising dielectric maps Nick Fowler 2/12/16
add_library cannot create target "apbs_routines" because another target with the same name already exists Zhao Qin 1/24/16
[apbs-users] APBS 1.4.2 now available Nathan Baker 1/8/16
[apbs-users] mergedx2 resolution Lane Votapka 12/9/15
[apbs-users] circular DNA Harry Mark Greenblatt 12/9/15
[apbs-users] Temperature effect Benrezkallah 11/8/15
[apbs-users] ball surface vs flat surface sacha uljon 10/6/15
[apbs-users] From: Lun Yang Lun Yang 9/1/15
[apbs-users] APBS apolar energy output-file Tianhua Feng 8/24/15
[apbs-users] APBS increase the max calculations (20) Tianhua Feng 8/21/15
[apbs-users] visualization in PyMol wtempel 8/19/15
Immediate PhD Opening In Computational Structural Biology Of Membrane Proteins marawanish 8/17/15
Immediate Postdoctoral Position Computational Chemistry And Computer-Aided Drug Design marawanish 8/17/15
[apbs-users] Trouble installing Pdb2pqr with propka Ashalatha Sreshty 7/27/15
How to use your own dielectric constant map? Nuo Wang 7/20/15
Fwd: Us congress hearing of maan alsaan Money laundry قضية الكونغجرس لغسيل الأموال للمليادير معن الصانع basher as 7/19/15
Columns of APBS Force Output? Trevor Tanner 7/4/15
contribution of a residue to electrostatic field of the protein / how to work with dx files Nurunisa Neyzi Akyuz 7/2/15
[apbs-users] problems upgrading from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1 OSX Tyler Harpole 6/30/15
[apbs-users] Immediate PhD opening in Computational Structural Biology Of Membrane Proteins marawanish 6/9/15
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