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Welcome!  This is the newly-relocated version of the APBS-ANNOUNCE mailing list.  This is a moderated list with postings open only to list moderators.  In particular, this is a low-traffic list for announcements related to the APBS software.

Thank you for your support of the APBS software.


The APBS Development Team

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[apbs-announce] [SPAM] Email payment notification number: 9619967 > 7/26/17
Important Account Information - Reconfirm Mailing List Subscriptions SourceForge.net 6/27/17
[apbs-announce] APBS 1.5 released Baker, Nathan 10/18/16
[apbs-announce] PDB2PQR 2.1 release announcement Jurrus, Elizabeth R 3/26/16
[apbs-announce] APBS 1.4.2 now available Nathan Baker 1/8/16
[apbs-announce] Please help us improve APBS & PDB2PQR user support Nathan Baker 10/8/15
Re: [apbs-announce] Migrating the APBS & PDB2PQR mailing lists Nathan Baker 10/8/15
[apbs-announce] Migrating the APBS & PDB2PQR mailing lists Baker, Nathan 9/16/15
[apbs-announce] PDB2PQR 2.0 release Baker, Nathan 12/28/14
[apbs-announce] APBS 1.4.1 Baker, Nathan 8/14/14
Re: [apbs-announce] [apbs-users] capped peptide Baker, Nathan 10/3/12
[apbs-announce] APBS 1.4.0 released Baker, Nathan 8/1/12
[apbs-announce] Letters of support and feedback for renewal of APBS funding Baker, Nathan 5/22/12
[apbs-announce] APBS & PDB2PQR e-mail support Baker, Nathan 1/11/12
[apbs-announce] New APBS 1.3 Windows Installer available Baker, Nathan 1/4/12
[apbs-announce] [apbs-users] The mailing list saga continues Baker, Nathan 9/21/11
[Apbs-announce-has-moved] Please help us by subscribing yourself to the new APBS-ANNOUNCE Google Group Baker, Nathan 9/10/11
[Apbs-announce] APBS-ANNOUNCE mailing list is moving to Google Groups Baker, Nathan 9/8/11
APBS Rocks Roll 5.4 release Nathan Baker 7/17/11
APBS 1.3 released (re-post) Nathan Baker 7/17/11
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