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Suggested patches for Linux 4.9 issues lambdadroid 12:00 PM
Possible fix for green video when using hardware acceleration lambdadroid 10:18 AM
Nougat 7.1.2+ Mauro's kernel 4.13rc5+GTX1060 boot fail dada 9:32 AM
iptables-restore Dmytro Spivak 8:40 AM
vmware: Could not add a reference to a surface, need help Xuefer H 4:34 AM
Script before sleep mode and after wake up Sergei Sorokin 12:39 AM
How To Set Android 6.0 Sleep On Power Button - Nougat Wont Sleep With Touch Connected Phil Buck 8/22/17
Fwd: LineageOS 14.1 x86 codebase is ready JJ Meijer 8/22/17
Nougat flex 11 how to help... adam dubuque 8/22/17
Any Android-x86 builds that work on Intel Cherry Trail SOCs yet? Russ B 8/22/17
No sound, no microphone and no camera working in my Razer Blade 2016 Carlos Junior 8/21/17
Nextbook Flexx 10: Key Capabilities Missing in Android x86 7.1rc (64bit) Joe DiGiovanni 8/21/17
Re: Some Hardware is not working on ASUS T303UA Povilas Staniulis 8/21/17
T100TAM: When device is locked, screen does not turn off completely (+ workaround patch) Dmitry Karikh 8/20/17
I think ASUS T303UA is not good for android-x86 Ui Hun Seo 8/20/17
which amd gpu can be supported at Android-x86 6.0-r3 8/20/17
Marshmallow and Radeon DRM (R9 290) - SurfaceFlinger fails to initialize Bas Timmer 8/20/17
Found the linux sound drivers for my razer blade 2016 with nvidia 1060 gtx touchcreen please help me Carlos Junior 8/20/17
Android-x86 7.1-rc1 released Chih-Wei Huang 8/20/17
Inverted Y axis of touch screen in Android-x86 5.1 ( rc1 ) Lollipop Mohamed Fawal 8/20/17
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