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How it's possible to solve BT problem in easy mode? Moreno Martelli 5:11 AM
video cann't play( player black) problem in Chrome zhongtian xie 4:36 AM
Booting from usb stick loads the system partition installed in hard disk Chris Xiong 3:49 AM
Patches to make sensors work on ThinkPad X1 yoga (1st gen) Chris Xiong 3:32 AM
Kernel build failed for wireless driver hj91 2:57 AM
Screencap not working on Android 7.1 RC2 running on VirtualBox Company Joe Security 1:15 AM
Superuser issue on android x86 7 rc2 Pietro Muscio 12:23 AM
Any Android-x86 8.0 (Oreo) beta builds? Russ B 1/22/18
Is it possible to (auto) update Android x86 to the newset version? (BEGINNER QUESTION) DICH 1/22/18
Kernel requires an x86 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. ACER travelmate 290 Przemysław Kurek 1/22/18
Coffee Lake intel GPU support on android nougat x86-rc1 YoungJoon Lee 1/22/18
Foolproof buying decision for new notebook tablet device for a beginner to ANDROID x86 DICH 1/22/18
How to Skip Google’s Setup Wizard on First Boot zhongtian xie 1/22/18
oreo & spin877 1/22/18
Battery and rotation on a Dell venue pro 11 Ben Mesman 1/22/18
Android-x86 6.0-r3 on eeepc 900: continuous reboot cycle Robert Schmidli 1/22/18
How to wake up 7.1rc2 from sleep with other hardware than powerbutton Kossuth 1/21/18
TWRP port attempt & help zefie altimitmine 1/21/18
Fwd: LineageOS 14.1 x86 codebase is ready JJ Meijer 1/21/18
Install Android X86 (Dualboot) with large data partition? Thomas Kings 1/21/18
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