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Android 7.0 vs Android-86 7 serge c 12:53 AM
Unable to boot Android-x86 on kvm with cirrus driver Philip Z 6/22/17
vmware: Could not add a reference to a surface, need help Xuefer H 6/22/17
Android-x86 7.1-rc1 released Chih-Wei Huang 6/22/17
WIFI (broadcom4313) | crash and reboot when turn on the Wi-Fi on androidx86 7.1rc1 Om Sukualam 6/22/17
Crashes during initial setup on an old notebook Alberto Riccitelli 6/22/17
Wifi on Hybrids Pcs Nico Zangirolami 6/21/17
Wrong local time after reboot Frédéric Lord 6/21/17
black screen after the app start serge c 6/21/17
No Bluetooth on Android 6.0 Camilo Montolio 6/21/17
KODI not working anymore on MultiBoot PC Krister Hallergard 6/21/17
SurfaceFlinger crashs when LCD monitor not plugged Jian Wu 6/21/17
Question on Creating a Custom Build Dirk Maxwell 6/20/17
RenderThread unauthenticated DRM ioctl Francois Gervais 6/20/17
How to add INtel nuC driver to ISO image serge c 6/20/17
How to know why an application do not start ? serge c 6/20/17
Trying port Android x86 to Surface Book KenOokamiHoro 6/20/17
No sound on tablet Slawomir Nowakowski 6/19/17
OpenGapps Integration Issues S B 6/19/17
Problem connection Ethernet on Android-x86 32Bit 6.0 (Marsmallow 32bit) Fer , 6/19/17
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