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Android-x86-6.0-rc1 how mount another PC partition? Krister Hallergard 10:05 AM
T300 chi 86_64 rc2 orientation Daniel Marinescu 9:00 AM
Apps broken in The Android-x86 4.4-r3 and The latest Android-x86 5.1-rc1 Eric Frendo-Cumbo 4:33 AM
internet access for apps 3:33 AM
Network adapter not detected Raphael Roux 8/25/16
Android-x86 6.0-rc2 released Chih-Wei Huang 8/25/16
Android 6.0 RC2 HDMI Image problem Leandro Miranda 8/25/16
Fwd: Android-x86 7.0 codebase is ready Chih-Wei Huang 8/25/16
Cannot pull from James Chai 8/25/16
Ericsson 3G + GPS porting (MBM-RIL) Péter Pusztai 8/25/16
Power Off Button and Shutdown Omega 8/25/16
Porting CyanogenMod 12.1 to x86 JJ Meijer 8/24/16
Missing auto-rotation and SD mount Kamal Masarweh 8/24/16
Q:android-n-preview-2 for x86 youling 257 8/24/16
Unable to login Alipay youling 257 8/24/16
3G modem support salim dhifaoui 8/24/16
patch for android-x86 suspend 张宁 8/24/16
6.0-rc2 - High CPU Load "system_server" when idle Scoo Ter 8/23/16
4.4-r5 keymap issues for physical keyboard Evgeni 8/23/16
6.0 rc2 defaults to treat hardware clock as local time? James Chai 8/22/16
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