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Android-x86 6.0-r3 with houdini, no graphics in a specific game Jihyun Son 4:47 AM
Is hdmi sound works? מאור סטרולוביץ' 2:39 AM
Enabling radeonsi on Android-x86 lollipop pstglia 1:46 AM
6.0-r3 release Chih-Wei Huang 1:41 AM
Android x86 have not support R9 380 yet? Mr_Sywey 1:38 AM
[patch] ccache support for building kernel Xuefer H 1:25 AM
None of the apps works... Why is it so??? Karthikheyan Karthik 4/27/17
Running under XenServer Russell Purinton 4/27/17
Doesn't work by using this tutorial. Johnny K 4/27/17
cable internet problem in android-86 marshmallow Feleke Demissie 4/27/17
[patch] init sysclktz: fix clock without local hack Xuefer H 4/27/17
Android-x86 built, and now? No internet connection and no gapps Leandro Melo de Sales 4/26/17
android x86 on Asus T102HA Luciano Pasquali 4/26/17
suspend/freeze youling 257 4/25/17
Android-x86 6.0.1 R2 not support on VMWare Workstation 9 Wesley Henrique 4/24/17
Doesn't work screenshot of error Johnny K 4/23/17
Android x86 on Surface 3 Sartir 4/23/17
Doesn't work with screenshot Johnny K 4/23/17
mount system.sfs as read-write Martin 4/22/17
Linuxium kernel in android x86? adam dubuque 4/20/17
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