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Google play not working in android-x86_64-6.0-rc1 that is installed on virtual machine vikram g n v r 3:15 AM
Lost Android-x86 boot menu option after installing Windows 10 James Chase 3:06 AM
Android-x86 5.1-rc1 - How to get the mouse pointer back? 3:05 AM
Running under XenServer Russell Purinton 3:05 AM
Android-x86-6.0-rc1 how mount another PC partition? Krister Hallergard 7/29/16
Porting CyanogenMod 12.1 to x86 JJ Meijer 7/29/16
Introducing Leapdroid - a brand new and most performed Android virtual machine Huihong Luo 7/29/16
Phoenix OS 1.0.9 RC ROOTED by Wesley Henrique Wesley Henrique 7/29/16
Circumventing Setup Wizard Mr. Bizantium 7/28/16
Internal SD Card Slot Not Working on Marshmallow Jianlong Liu 7/28/16
EEEPC 900, 1st model, 4GB Interal SSD 16GB Add on SSD, 2nd model EEEPC & KitKat..... Patrick 7/27/16
System.img or System.sfs Thisara Kasun 7/27/16
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Messaging App Problem 7/27/16
what version for my old notebook. pls Nakhasen Manander 7/27/16
Problem using Exchange Email account on Lollipop (5.1-rc1) Plamen Dimitrov 7/26/16
Native sshd in Android Lollipop Plamen Dimitrov 7/26/16
Problem installing apps from play store (5.1) Matthew A. 7/25/16
Phoenix OS/5.1 Google maps Matthew A. 7/24/16
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