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Not work accelerometer, magnetometer and ambientlight sensors (Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2) Kitsune 6:08 AM
eeepc 1215P runs 4.4-rc2 but won't boot 7.1-rc2 Andrea Borgia 10/20/17
Build Error in Nougat-x86 David Byrne 10/20/17
android-x86_64-7.1-rc2 on RCA Cambio W101 V2 Tablet Erasmus Tatang 10/20/17
Can I download binaries x86-64 Android O? Jacob Jacobson 10/19/17
Cannot open opengl games in 7.1-rc2 Philip Z 10/19/17
blissroms-x86 (oreo) - clang says sse4.1 error?! DANiO 10/18/17
Dualhead setup sandworm 10/16/17
Power Down without shutting down prevents re-boot. android-x86-7.1-rc1 and android-x86-7.1-rc2 Quade Masters 10/16/17
HDMI-Audio and aspect ratio R Oort 10/16/17
Busybox in initrd.img Jacob Jacobson 10/16/17
Fwd: LineageOS 14.1 x86 codebase is ready JJ Meijer 10/16/17
Beginners Question: VivoTab Note 8 10/15/17
Rotate screen android-x86-7.1-rc2 frephiful 10/15/17
Notion Ink Kevin JF 10/15/17
Switch Launcher 7.1-rc2 Krister Hallergard 10/15/17
Android-x86 7.1 rc2 Still can't recognize NVMe SSD 馬志豪 10/12/17
patch for making target iso_img compile fine on debian stable jeanseb valette 10/12/17
Android-x86 8.0 - /init not executing Jacob Jacobson 10/11/17
[Help]Configuring static Ethernet On Android 7.x Release Genx 10/11/17
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