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Current state of Nouveau \ Amd dri android modules? Masaykh 3:12 PM
Building iso from Baytrail Tablet (HELP) Ricardo Marcano 3:06 PM
Porting CyanogenMod 12.1 to x86 JJ Meijer 9:35 AM
Touchscreen not working on Surface 3 -Android X86 6.0 R1 Bhows 9:03 AM
/system/usr/share/alsa/ucm/bytcr-rt5640/HiFi ,how to make it work ? about alsa_ucm youling 257 8:41 AM
Disable Display via Command Line IC 8:14 AM
Network unavailable in UI (androidx86 6.0-r1, static IP, vSphere vm, no NAT) Kevin Freeman 7:38 AM
New git hosting on OSDN Chih-Wei Huang 7:38 AM
i915 resolution problem? How to change? | Tablet only displays on external HDMI screen - Atom Bay Trail - Toshiba Encore 2 Wojciech Roś 7:38 AM
Fwd: Android-x86 7.0 codebase is ready Chih-Wei Huang 9/26/16
Compatibility with Intel Atom-based Android tablets? Vladimir Oltean 9/26/16
Recap android-x86 + forks Krister Hallergard 9/26/16
iio-sensors: support conversion matrix (Re: [android-x86-devel] Re: kernel-4.4 branch is ready) Chih-Wei Huang 9/25/16
Unable to boot android 6.0 rc1, rc2 x86/x64 on legacy bios Karlos Velazco 9/25/16
Very poor performance on R9 280X TheReduxPL 9/25/16
Android-x86 6.0-r1 32-bit hangs at "Just a sec..." Vampyrah Broadcasting 9/25/16
Android-x86 6.0 32-bit hangs at "Just a sec..." Vampyrah Broadcasting 9/25/16
Android-x86_64 experience Josef Schabasser 9/25/16
Unable to add gateway in 6.0 r1 Kevin Freeman 9/25/16
Uninstall Android x86 and GRUB st0yl3s 9/25/16
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