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Install Android X86 (Dualboot) with large data partition? Thomas Kings 5:07 AM
Bay trail, not work suspend on new kernels 4.14+ if wifi is enabled Kitsune 4/20/18
Its possible to mount other non android HDD/SSD partition through terminal, if yes how? NebudZvedy Zvedy 4/20/18
Any progress in 3G/4G modems support? NebudZvedy Zvedy 4/20/18
Android-x86 7.1-r1 persistent live usb Pietro Muscio 4/18/18
App targeting Nougat+ and window size on Android-x86/Oreo Michael Goffioul 4/18/18
Failed to run Unity3D based games like mobile legends. Zaen 4/18/18
android-x86_64-7.1-r1 usb live cd running with data issue Jakub Dąbrowski 4/18/18
How to run any NVIDIA GPU on phonix os Thanh Le Bui Dinh 4/18/18
How to Install Android on USB as to go, not live version? Its not working for me. NebudZvedy Zvedy 4/18/18
Moonlight game streaming not working on IntelHD and A7.1.2 - no H264 codec hardware support. NebudZvedy Zvedy 4/18/18
Wine3.6 on Android x86, error in libs right after launch, i reported it as Wine error, but Wine creator is saying its Android-x86 error, pleas clarify.. NebudZvedy Zvedy 4/18/18
Root filesystem ownership change 4/17/18
HW-accelerated codecs for oreo-x86 Michael Goffioul 4/17/18
Microphone issues in android-x86 7.1! 4/17/18
[HELP] Edit .iso Android x86 to boot in external monitor is possible? Fabiano 4/16/18
Getting started with VMware Dave Nadler 4/16/18
Android x-86 porting shahul hameed 4/16/18
Using Webcam with Android-x86 in Virtualbox?? Erik 4/15/18
Android x86 audio issue gcl ros 4/15/18
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