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Hardware video playing Android x86 The Ecki 5:55 AM
[Graphic issues] AMD Chipset RS690M (with radeon x1250) Fujitsu Futro S550 ThinClient Computer Patrick Wirth 5:35 AM
Android 6.0 hang at my Baytrail Atom Processor 3:29 AM
Upstream driver support for Baytrail? Vladimir Oltean 3:28 AM
Bug regarding data.img on Android X86 6.0 r2 Terence Wu 3:18 AM
Cant install Android x86 on HP ElitePad 900 Byron Garza 2:56 AM
mesa 13.0.0 latest rebase Mauro Rossi 12:58 AM
Usability of this platform (Android x86) - Black screen crash / landscape vs portrait Patrick Dunford 1/23/17
the battery state cannot display normally on asus T100TA jie-min,lin 1/23/17
android-x86-6.0-r2 is not available in repo for downloading Yutao Tang 1/23/17
Baytrail users please provide DSDT Jocky Wilson 1/22/17
Re: Abridged summary of - 6 updates in 2 topics Anunakin 1/22/17
3.78GB of Storage Justin Miles 1/22/17
Firmware and Kernel patches to fix cherry/baytrail and surface pro problems Jason Kurtz 1/21/17
Grub not installing properly in android-6.0 image on CN60 chromebox 1/20/17
Car Computer Luke 1/20/17
Lenovo Yoga 2 1051F Touchscreen Not Working after resume from sleep 1/19/17
for the shake of JHFS+ co-exist on same SSD おとめ座ひなたぼっこ 1/19/17
internal keyboard/mouse not working? Noah Farmer 1/19/17
6.0 rc2 defaults to treat hardware clock as local time? James Chai 1/19/17
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