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Android TV 7.1 Nougat For PC | Android x86 | Experimental Build Sahaj Sarup 3:13 AM
Android-x86 on Chromebook? NeoAmnesyth 12/3/16
Android-X86 Nightly builds are back mariuz 12/3/16
Android-x86 6.0-r1 released Chih-Wei Huang 12/2/16
Java Programs/ Developing in Java Pedro Henrique Silva de Deus 12/2/16
Android 6.0 frezed on boot screen Francisco Medina 12/1/16
Android-x86 5.1-rc1 - How to get the mouse pointer back? 12/1/16
Android-x86 test builds with gapps (and a Nougat build with Pixel Launcher) Henri Koivuneva 11/30/16
Is there a way to mount the Windows NTFS drive on Android-x86? Russ B 11/30/16
nbc live extra crush on Android x86 Harkaman Shivakoti 11/30/16
[Graphic issues] AMD Chipset RS690M (with radeon x1250) Fujitsu Futro S550 ThinClient Computer Patrick Wirth 11/30/16
For anyone having trouble getting Android-x86 to load from C: drive... Russ B 11/30/16
android-x86 32 bits dont boot Juan Chaves 11/30/16
How to set all volumes (media, ringer etc.) to some predefined value while booting? shridutt kothari 11/30/16
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add other languages in install.img jonathan 11/29/16
Video issues with Fujitsu Q572 tablet - AMD Z60 AMD Radeon HD 6250 11/27/16
Xbox 360 wireless conroler doesn't work correctly Ryhon Polska 11/27/16
Sound interruptions in background apps Boris Gjenero 11/27/16
PC install problems Russ B 11/27/16
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