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Audio QML element in Android - no sound... zlutor 4/15/14
Android service think-free 4/15/14
newbie: set a textvalue between a new created tag (DOM) Thomas Kaufmann 4/14/14
Project Manager in San Francisco, CA for Long Term Contract *.* Bhanu Pandey 4/14/14
Android IAP & QML? zlutor 4/13/14
running an android service with Qt5.2 Paul-Henri FERME 4/13/14
qt5.2 - kinetic support for scrollable widgets with flickcharm Paul-Henri FERME 4/13/14
Android Notification and Service with Qt Dag Vegar 4/11/14
How can we obtain a pointer to the native activity running our Qt Android app? Ganton 4/11/14
Ministro for Nokia X? zlutor 4/5/14
QCamera does not record video on Andorid Garnik Giloyan 4/4/14
Qt 5.2.1 patch 1 libs uploaded to Ministro's testing repository BogDan 4/4/14
[ HbQt-Android ] In-Production APK Pritpal Bedi 4/4/14
QT creator not responding when testing with emulator Bouke Pieter Ottow 3/29/14
QML Deployment on Android Atul Dubey 3/26/14
collect2.exe:-1: error: error: ld returned 1 exit status Garnik Giloyan 3/21/14
command line length limitation s_aust 3/19/14
QTranslator on Android Marnando Júnior 3/17/14
QT TableView Egipcio 3/17/14
SoQt configuration error Kamalpreet Grewal 3/15/14
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