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Intermittent ClassNotFoundException on app update JonS 3/2/15
How to custom MTP/PTP device icon? 王新锋 3/2/15
What about removable SD card in 4.4 Andy Panda 3/2/15
Android x.x to 4.x.x Block, Disable, Filter any Class 0 Message Matt Atkinson 3/2/15
Application as root dmw 3/1/15
Current active application on the screen Ruhi Sharma 2/28/15
Capturing the touch and scroll information from an app Ruhi Sharma 2/26/15
[CTS-4.0] Command to Run Individual Test case ? Atul Raut 2/24/15
it is possible to edit "/system" files without root my device? Juan Medina 2/17/15
Sony's runtime resource overlay in Android L Jignesh Shah 2/16/15
What (security) concerns exist regarding a more public/more precise Telephony API? Michael Zehender 2/15/15
Controlling a custom tv_input Christophe Dongieux 2/14/15
wm for resolution change (lollipop) Daniel Doron 2/12/15
Android SMS specific files Ruhi Sharma 2/10/15
AOSP Gradle Application Builds Dave Smith 2/10/15
System app can't open RDWR /dev/input, but uinput touch injections is not reliable Miha Valencic 2/9/15
change SO_MAX 128 Marco Bernasocchi 2/9/15
BLE: direct advertising Matej 2/6/15
Issue when apply oprofile into android 4.3 2/6/15
Capture Intent information by changing the framework files Ruhi Sharma 2/4/15
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