Ancient People

The Ancient People group is a forum and mailing list for the discussion of issues related to prosopography, biography, genealogy, onomastics and other person-data from the ancient and historical worlds, especially with reference to linked open data, big data, and other digital humanities approaches. Much discussion in the past has arisen from the LAWDI and SNAP projects, but all communities and initiatives in the areas of ancient people are welcome and on-topic.

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Fwd: [DIGITALCLASSICIST] Fwd: The People of Medieval Scotland, 20 July Gabriel BODARD 7/19/16
Workshop: Roman Republican Trials: a Digital Edition Gabriel BODARD 1/31/16
People of the Ancient World conference (Cluj-Napoca, Oct 2016) Gabriel BODARD 1/18/16
Call for papers: Digital Approaches and the Ancient World Gabriel BODARD 11/18/15
SNAP blog post: geographic and chronological range Gabriel BODARD 3/6/15
Fwd: [DIGITALCLASSICIST] London Ancient History Seminar - Spring 2015 Gabriel BODARD 12/19/14
Genealogy and prosopography Gabriel BODARD 12/2/14
List of prosopographies in Digital Classicist Gabriel BODARD 11/6/14
Other identifiers [was: SNAP ontology and cookbook: issues] Gabriel BODARD 11/4/14
SNAP ontology and cookbook: issues Vladimir Alexiev 10/14/14
SNAP:DRGN Cookbook version 1.0 Gabriel BODARD 9/24/14
SNAP API Vladimir Alexiev 9/18/14
SNA Gabriel BODARD 9/18/14
Are you a prosopography? Gabriel BODARD 9/18/14
Example SNAP:DRGN RDF Fragments Gabriel BODARD 9/5/14
SNAP:DRGN and VIAF Gabriel BODARD 8/21/14
SNAP advisory board report Gabriel BODARD 8/4/14
Seminar: Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies Charlotte Tupman 7/30/14
SNAP at DH2014 Faith Lawrence 7/21/14
entering the SNAPDRGN garden sebastian.rahtz 7/15/14
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