Ancient People

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SNAP blog post: geographic and chronological range Gabriel BODARD 3/6/15
Fwd: [DIGITALCLASSICIST] London Ancient History Seminar - Spring 2015 Gabriel BODARD 12/19/14
Genealogy and prosopography Gabriel BODARD 12/2/14
List of prosopographies in Digital Classicist Gabriel BODARD 11/6/14
Other identifiers [was: SNAP ontology and cookbook: issues] Gabriel BODARD 11/4/14
SNAP ontology and cookbook: issues Vladimir Alexiev 10/14/14
SNAP:DRGN Cookbook version 1.0 Gabriel BODARD 9/24/14
SNAP API Vladimir Alexiev 9/18/14
SNA Gabriel BODARD 9/18/14
Are you a prosopography? Gabriel BODARD 9/18/14
Example SNAP:DRGN RDF Fragments Gabriel BODARD 9/5/14
SNAP:DRGN and VIAF Gabriel BODARD 8/21/14
SNAP advisory board report Gabriel BODARD 8/4/14
Seminar: Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies Charlotte Tupman 7/30/14
SNAP at DH2014 Faith Lawrence 7/21/14
entering the SNAPDRGN garden sebastian.rahtz 7/15/14
Dates and Places in Attestations; Sexing of Persons Scott Vanderbilt 7/2/14
SNAP API Faith Lawrence 6/23/14
SNAP, Certainty, and Relationship Classes Scott Vanderbilt 6/17/14
SNAP and NER Mark Depauw 6/11/14
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