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This is a discussion and help group for AMPL, an algebraic modeling language for optimization problems of many kinds.  AMPL lets people use common notation and familiar concepts to formulate models and examine solutions, while the computer manages communication with appropriate solvers.

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Nonlinear constraint parsing from .nl file Alan Delgado de Oliveira 8:32 AM
Nested loop with changing parameters values - error 7:57 AM
How to set multithreads parameters in AMPL for Gurobi? david 10/13/17
NEOS command syntax error - CPLEX Fei Xie 10/13/17
Problem with ampl_lic_service / AMPL API for MATLAB Martin Glanzer 10/13/17
Lagrangian relaxation with subgradient method Isadora Hochfärber 10/13/17
help needed Sameer Ali 10/13/17
AMPL shuts itself during algorithm Tobi 10/12/17
MINLP returns infeasible solution Xuezhou Zhang 10/11/17
parameters depending from variables. Andrea Di Taranto 10/11/17
VRP with latest arrival objective Erin Mullin 10/10/17
MINLP returns infeasible solution. Xuezhou Zhang 10/10/17
Problem with AMPL IDE with new Mac OS "High Sierra" simon_onair 10/9/17
Fw: RE: How to declare a binary variable by for-loop variable in AMPL? david 10/8/17
ampl/gurobi: can't open /tmp/at16918.sol Hend Ben Saad 10/6/17
Setting an integer constraint outside the variable declaration Geoffrey Brent 10/5/17
Complementarity problem's solution is invalid 10/5/17
question santi ayabaca 10/5/17
Slope at break- points of piece- wise linear expressions Chris Nytun 10/5/17
RE: [AMPL 14830] Solver slow when invoked from bash script Robert Fourer 10/4/17
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