AMPL Modeling Language

This is a discussion and help group for AMPL, an algebraic modeling language for optimization problems of many kinds.  AMPL lets people use common notation and familiar concepts to formulate models and examine solutions, while the computer manages communication with appropriate solvers.

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problems with license Guillermo Cabrera 9/28/16
Gurobi issue Chen, Jiaxiong 9/28/16
Temporarily disguising contents of AMPL files Ellen 9/28/16
Slow execution Ellen 9/28/16
How to compile and link free linear solvers (e.g., lp_solve or GLPK) to AMPL? A.J. Riggs 9/28/16
Computed parameter 9/28/16
AMPL.exe stopped working Juan Sebastián Giraldo Chavarriaga 9/28/16
Sub-indices (indexing) problem in arcs. RRL90 9/26/16
importing table inside a for 9/26/16
variable in lower bound of range set Nixx 9/26/16
Variable in subscript Error Ramz 9/26/16
Accessing external software tools Andreas 9/26/16
Solving more than one problem/model (the enveloppe..sort of..) louisperrault 9/22/16
Obtaining the best lower bound through AMPL at 9/22/16
no variables, but lower bound Milan Marinkovic 9/21/16
Installing AMPL on a mac Amro El-Adle 9/20/16
AMPL Mac installation via any directory Amro El-Adle 9/20/16
Using the let command with an indexing expression Mahmoud Kamel 9/19/16
Strange character error "Â " Mario Guajardo 9/19/16
solving in a for loop maziar kermani 9/19/16
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