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This is a discussion and help group for AMPL, an algebraic modeling language for optimization problems of many kinds.  AMPL lets people use common notation and familiar concepts to formulate models and examine solutions, while the computer manages communication with appropriate solvers.

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AMPL Displaying variables which are equal to 1 12:25 PM
random sampling matrix Gazi Md Daud Iqbal 11:58 AM
Matching with regular expressions vm4850 9:42 AM
Nonlinear integer solver: How can I make KNITRO evaluate the objective at ALL points? 8:37 AM
Non Linear Constraint skyline 11/28/15
Error while using NEOS solver manu narayanan 11/28/15
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3- dimension Intersection in AMPL HA 11/27/15
Scheduling problem William Felixon 11/27/15
solver environment variable Cuong P. Nguyen 11/26/15
Those tricky booleans... Mathieu 11/26/15
exit code 63 Vahid Nourbakhsh 11/25/15
redundant constrants riccardo zanella 11/25/15
AMPL API beahving abnormal 11/25/15
RE: [AMPL 11021] Non linear Constraint Robert Fourer 11/25/15
read_table does not seem to search for files in "ampl_include" paths Cuong P. Nguyen 11/24/15
can't convert to a number Milan Marinkovic 11/24/15
syntax error Milan Marinkovic 11/24/15
Update to COIN-OR solver binaries Victor 11/23/15
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