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Looking for superman freelancers Itzik Saban 9/27/17
Microdot: Second meetup Allon Guralnek 8/27/17
Chrome extension for developers Abaraham Shilon 8/12/17
ALT.NET Meetup June 2017 - Site and registration is up! Shay Friedman 7/5/17
Meetup about our OSS for creating microservices with Orleans Rotem Hermon 6/18/17
Voting is over! We have the agenda for the 27th meetup! Shay Friedman 6/6/17
ALT.NET June 2017 Session Poll is Open! Shay Friedman 6/5/17
ALT.NET Meetup June Edition - Call for Speakers Shay Friedman 5/29/17
Slides from my "Introduction to Microservices" talk (Sessions night April 2017) Uri Goldstein 4/4/17
ALT.NET Session Night vAPRIL17 Registration and Site are Here! Shay Friedman 4/3/17
ALT.NET Sessions Night 2017.2 is Upon Us!!! Shay Friedman 3/15/17
ALT.NET Story Night V2017.1 Site and Registration ARE OPEN! Shay Friedman 2/11/17
גיקים ובירה ברביעי Ken Egozi 1/29/17
ALT.NET Story Night (Feb 7th) Session Voting has Started!!! Shay Friedman 1/25/17
ALT.NET Story Night is Coming to Town! Shay Friedman 1/21/17
מחפשים Lior Friedman 1/16/17
Orleans session slides Uri Goldstein 12/14/16
Lucene.NET 4.8 - a pre-release introduction (video + code) Itamar Syn-Hershko 12/13/16
ALT.NET Night December 16 - Registration is Open! Shay Friedman 12/8/16
ALT.NET Night Session Poll! Shay Friedman 11/12/16
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