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Debates at Clean-Code-Alliance Itzik Saban 9/8/16
Where do your tests live (in Visual Studio)? Abaraham Shilon 7/14/16
Lucene.NET 4.8 is now in Beta - and we need your help! Itamar Syn-Hershko 7/7/16
Why does a method used in LINQ Where() throw an exception? Uri Goldstein 7/7/16
Your experience with the CQRS/Event Sourcing architectures Abaraham Shilon 7/3/16
Choosing a unit test framework Abaraham Shilon 6/28/16
תמונות נוספות מהמפגש Arik Fraimovich 10/31/15
In Tel Aviv in December Sebastien Lambla 10/20/15
Software Architecture Addict (video) Itamar Syn-Hershko 8/19/15
I've looked git straight in the eye and it kicked my a-- and sent me home, crying. Uri Goldstein 7/28/15
A question I posted on StackOverflow about persisting control state to the client's machine Abaraham Shilon 6/8/15 SqlMembershipProvider: requiresQuestionAndAnswer set to false in web.config but RequiresQuestionAndAnswer is true at runtime Uri Goldstein 5/31/15
Shouldly - Presentation slides Uri Goldstein 5/19/15
ALT.NET Sessions Night 2015.1 Site and Registration are up! Shay Friedman 5/10/15
It's this time of the year - ALT.NET Sessions Night 2015.1 Shay Friedman 5/7/15
Open source actor frameworks in .NET - June meetup Rotem Hermon 4/11/15
What's it like to work as a "remote employee"? Uri Goldstein 3/16/15
Is .NET dead? Yonatan Goldberg 3/11/15
Dome9 Security is hiring!!! ShiranA 3/9/15
My slides from yesterday's talk hmemcpy 12/30/14
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