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random ascii string %width% chars wide Mike Sanders 7:30 AM
In Batch, to correct clock by NTP? Dr J R Stockton 4/29/17
Checking jpg archives Herbert Kleebauer 4/25/17
concatenate text files including the name Ammammata 4/25/17
Creating a "ping alert" tool 4/24/17
How to suppress "1 files(s) copied" when copying? Dennis Halver 4/20/17
Can one Push & Pop the state of echo, and if so how? Dr J R Stockton 4/19/17
Notification window console utility Petr Laznovsky 4/12/17
Intermittent time error in CScript JScript. Dr J R Stockton 4/3/17
Treatment method for "for wmic where get " syntex error message "invalid alias verb" mokomoji 3/31/17
How can I assign a hotkey to run a bat batch script? Hongyi Zhao 3/30/17
script to show waiting during long processes Matt Williamson 3/29/17
move a fixed number of files between two directories Tyrser 3/26/17
VCF2IBM.CMD Convert an Android VCF card etc to DOS 850 Timo Salmi 3/25/17
Remark line cause cmd.exe crash Petr Laznovsky 3/13/17
My final bisection code: How to write the fastest loop in the world. 3/6/17
Using environment variables Dr J R Stockton 2/28/17
Is there a way to specify part of the path? micky 2/27/17
set command problems with nested parentheses 2/23/17
Cmds aren't doing what I want Docfxit 2/21/17
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