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Solution Manuals and Test Banks by SolutionManualGroup 10/2/17
Setting errorlevels without exiting - explanation requested John Gray 9/30/17
How can I assign a hotkey to run a bat batch script? Hongyi Zhao 9/29/17
Batch Debugger and IDE from JP Software Klaus Meinhard 9/14/17
Anyone know a source code beautifier tool for batch files? JJ 9/13/17
Is there a standalone tool that works just like TCC's TEE command? JJ 9/13/17
SOLUTIONS MANUAL Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals, 4/E, by Morris Mano and Charles Kime 9/12/17
SOLUTIONS MANUAL Engineering Economy, 7th Edition by Blank, Tarquin 9/12/17
In second batch file, find the name of its caller John Gray 9/7/17
Transform string to the same number of hyphens John Gray 9/4/17
Errors on Reg Delete Docfxit 8/29/17
dos icon 8/22/17
SOLUTIONS MANUAL Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB, 2nd  Ed by Schilling, Harris 8/21/17
Expand a variable within a variable Tim Rude 8/15/17
-Command does not run 8/5/17
Trying to delete all files with certain extensions Docfxit 8/1/17
What OS command controls (start & stop) any program on windows 7? justaguy 7/31/17
Tasklist and PID novice 7/29/17
Web page request for %abcd????% etc. Dr J R Stockton 7/19/17
Poison characters in substring substitution Tom Del Rosso 7/17/17
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