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Humble Unix Bundle 'G' 11/30/16
3rd Thursday November 17, 2016 meet up? Bill Mayhew 11/21/16
Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation Reported 11/16/16 ... OldMidWest Swabbie 11/17/16
Flight - Akron's Startup Conference Patrick Regan 11/11/16
Red Hat Users Group in Cleveland Patrick Regan 11/1/16
Free O'reilly programming ebooks bferry 10/16/16
Dev Trolled Spammers for Two Years with Bot That Sent Random Email Replies Carl 10/7/16
Commodore 64 Still Powering Auto Repair Shop in Poland Carl 10/6/16
Ohio LinuxFest Lauren Egts 10/3/16
Polish auto repair shop uses uses a Commodore 64 to run its operations / Boing Boing Carl 10/1/16
When the Apple Genius Bar can't answer your question... Bill Mayhew 9/30/16
New Raspian image > 4 Gbyte image size Bill Mayhew 9/30/16
Blender: An Introduction for Final Cut Pro Users | FOSS Force Carl 9/25/16
Fwd: The Ham Radio Parity Act Unanimously Passed By US House Carl 9/20/16
Malware Infects 70% of Seagate Central NAS Drives, Earns $86,400 - Slashdot Carl 9/11/16
Alleged Linux Kernel Hacker Is Arrested Carl 9/3/16
Allegedly very insecure "Tiger Will Power" router Bill Mayhew 8/23/16
Linux TCP flaw lets 'anyone' hijack Internet traffic Carl 8/15/16
First Cleveland/Akron Ansible Meetup Tomorrow Scott McCarty 8/14/16
Fwd: 100 million VWs can be unlocked with a $40 cracker (and other cars aren't much better) Carl 8/11/16
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