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The Better Approach To Mobile Adhoc Networking (B.A.T.M.A.N) - Wireless Mesh Protocol Presented in 2014 OldMidWest Swabbie 5/21/18
The cool Pi 0W and 3B+ Wi-Fi antenna Bill Mayhew 4/19/18
LED lamps Rick Nemer 3/30/18
End of 2017 Hardware Flaws [ Bluetooth & Intel ] ... OldMidWest Swabbie 2/12/18
Fwd: 139 pieces of (seemingly nonfunctional) malware that exploit Spectre and Meltdown are now circulating in the wild Carl 2/5/18
So much for Specter, or Meltdown fixes making your computer slow..... Carl 2/2/18
Bitcoin mining anyone? bbneo 1/31/18
Info as of 1/29/18 - Linux and Intel Patching - Torvalds Releases Linux Kernel 4.15 with Patches ... OldMidWest Swabbie 1/30/18
Bitcoin and Blockchains Rick Nemer 1/20/18
For Those interested in Home Automation using Home Assistant - Linux Pro Magazine Article .... OldMidWest Swabbie 1/17/18
Meltdown and Spectre Carl 1/17/18
From the Rube Goldberg Programming Department Carl 1/9/18
From the "Ooopsie Daisy Department" at Micro$oft Carl 1/4/18
Intel Processor Kernel-Memory-Leaking Design Flaw Discovered last Year.... OldMidWest Swabbie 1/4/18
Following Trent's Talk and Rick's Suggestions - Here is an article on 6 OSS Home Automation Tools ... OldMidWest Swabbie 12/19/17
Guest Speaker at the next Akron linux user group meeting Dec 7th 2017 Trent McElhaney 12/3/17
CentOS Polo Shirt - Women's Medium d.a. 11/7/17
AWS RDS Workshop - October 20, 2017 - No prior cloud experience is necessary.... OldMidWest Swabbie 10/4/17
Ohio LinuxFest 2017 Rick Nemer 9/23/17
Understanding Container Standards Scott McCarty 8/29/17
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