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A kilobyte rewritable atomic memory : Nature Nanotechnology : Nature Publishing Group Carl 7/18/16
Man builds giant, discrete-component-based computer that can play Tetris / Boing Boing Carl 7/6/16
OPINION BY STEVEN J. VAUGHAN-NICHOLS I don’t want to be LinkedIn with Microsoft Laura Knotek 7/5/16
Fwd: Unwanted Windows 10 upgrade costs Microsoft $10,000 Carl 6/27/16
Word carefully when listing stuff for sale on line! Bill Mayhew 6/7/16
Possible Team Viewer hacks being reported Bill Mayhew 6/1/16
Home-made CNC milling machine - Raspberry Pi Carl 5/23/16
Fwd: Home-made CNC milling machine Carl 5/23/16
Microsoft Urged to Open Source Classic Visual Basic Laura Knotek 5/22/16
Tube Time » Blog Archive » The MOnSter 6502 Carl 5/19/16
Microsoft is adding more ads to the Windows 10 Start menu Laura Knotek 5/16/16
Fwd: Heart Surgery Stalled For Five Minutes Thanks To Errant Anti-Virus Scan Carl 5/14/16
The Wacky Inspector Carl 5/14/16
Fwd: Stunningly beautiful photos of old timey computers Carl 5/13/16
'I thought my daughter clicked on ransomware – it was the damn Windows 10 installer' • The Register Carl 5/6/16
Off topic, but fun, historic IBM 604 vacuum tube computer Bill Mayhew 5/5/16
Tube amp. hat board for Raspberry Pi Bill Mayhew 5/5/16
The Weather Report Carl 5/4/16
Presentation topic for May 5, 2016? Bill Mayhew 5/4/16
Meeting Topics Suggestions Carl 5/2/16
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