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Ansible Talk Tonight Rick Nemer 2/4/16
North Canton has a super computer? Carl 2/3/16
Fwd: UEFI is Bricking PCs, Yet Again Carl 2/1/16
Formal Meeting topic? Carl 1/1/16
Recap from October 2015 at Kent State University — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software Carl 12/29/15
Any Android experts? Laura Knotek 12/18/15
Thursday's Topic? Carl 12/3/15
Richard Stallman to speak in Akron, OH (Kent State) Carl 11/7/15
TV reception Carl 11/5/15
Anyone here that knows fortran and needs a job? Carl 11/1/15
Just Hangin With Richard Stallman in my Kitchen :-) Scott McCarty 10/16/15
New FCC Rules Could Ban WiFi Router Firmware Modification Carl 9/29/15
Perl programmer stevea 9/9/15
seL4 talk alex kot 8/7/15
Aug Meeting Rick Nemer 8/5/15
but why be concerned just about one lil android problem.. Carl 7/29/15
Honeywell smart home controllers remotely hackable Bill Mayhew 7/29/15
Fwd: Your Android device is probably in need of patching Jim Kvochick 7/28/15
How serious is the Android Stagefright vulnerability? Bill Mayhew 7/28/15
What is the meeting topic? Laura Knotek 6/28/15
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