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Meeting Topics Suggestions Carl 5/2/16
Humble Book Bundle: Hacking presented by No Starch Press (pay what you want and help charity) Carl 4/30/16
The Weather Report Carl 4/29/16
Game Boy Zero - Raspberry Pi Carl 4/14/16
Microsoft, "Tay," CSR Twitter bot experiment flops Bill Mayhew 3/25/16
Who here works in consulting and support? Carl 3/21/16
Pi day hadd drive Bill Mayhew 3/14/16
Microsoft SONIC SDN is Debian based Bill Mayhew 3/10/16
GRC | Assembly Language Windows Applications   Carl 3/3/16
Eternal data storage demonstrated in nanostructured glass Carl 2/22/16
Ansible Talk Tonight Rick Nemer 2/4/16
North Canton has a super computer? Carl 2/3/16
Fwd: UEFI is Bricking PCs, Yet Again Carl 2/1/16
Formal Meeting topic? Carl 1/1/16
Recap from October 2015 at Kent State University — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software Carl 12/29/15
Any Android experts? Laura Knotek 12/18/15
Thursday's Topic? Carl 12/3/15
Richard Stallman to speak in Akron, OH (Kent State) Carl 11/7/15
TV reception Carl 11/5/15
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