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This mailing list is the central place of the Akka ecosystem, where all questions related to our project are discussed. It is a friendly place with lots of helpful people, please respect those who are already here as well as those who come after you.

For more ad-hoc communication using chat, we have to chat rooms available: gitter.im/akka/akka for general akka discussions, and gitter.im/akka/dev for akka comitters and contributors to communnicate about developing Akka itself (or extensions for it).

Please be aware that this forum is made by and for Akka enthusiasts, mostly in their spare time. Requests for help with issues that are specific to only your own project’s usage are answered on a goodwill basis; 
If you are looking for production support with guaranteed response times please head over to Typesafe Inc.

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HTTP requests in batches Andreas C. Osowski 9:50 AM
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Flatten and grouping streams yields 'exceeding it's subscription-timeout' Muki 2:51 AM
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How is Initial Demand Generated in this Example? Abhijit Sarkar 12:54 AM
Cluster router example questions lapming.lee 12:17 AM
akka persistence plugin upgrade help Paul Cleary 10/4/15
Circuit breaker reset based upon number of failures within a time window. Sandeep Khurana 10/4/15
When you join a cluster, are all actors nodes? lapming.lee 10/4/15
[akka-persisntence] Concurrency of persisting events おくみんです 10/4/15
Persistence of dynamic hierarchy of actors with short/medium length of life Robert Budźko 10/3/15
[akka-cluster] Large cluster or many clusters? Juan José Vázquez Delgado 10/3/15
Building actors with environment-dependent actor paths for different environments Geoff Groos 10/2/15
Dead Letters using Remoting in Cluster sfos...@twilio.com 10/2/15
is there a way to know when *really* an actor has stopped Kostas kougios 10/2/15
Websockets with Elasticsearch ScrollPublisher - Requesting more elements Muki 10/2/15
Access to variable in a UntypedActor causes a permanent stall on the 55th onReceive Olddave 10/2/15
[akka-http] IllegalUriException Frederic Masion 10/2/15
HELP !! akka streams FlexiMerge problem Maxim Matvienko 10/2/15
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