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Open House on September 10th and upcoming classes Tyler W. 8:35 PM
Build a wall - Saturday @ 4 pm. Tyler W. 7:58 AM
Anyone available for shift on Thursday? Tyler W. 6:45 AM
AHA Open House & Upcoming classes. Tyler W. 8/27/16
Laser and CNC are working! Tyler W. 8/26/16
Free books @ AHA! Tyler W. 8/26/16
Work party Monday night at 730pm! Tyler W. 8/22/16
vinyl cutter dongle? demuredemeanor 8/22/16
Hakko soldering stations? Tyler W. 8/20/16
Selling/Giving Away Stuff Brandon Dusseau 8/20/16
Wow. tinkers...@yahoo.com 8/19/16
Where do you buy stuff? Larry Works 8/18/16
Last Call for AHA Immortality! Larry Works 8/15/16
Painting today Tyler W. 8/15/16
Fundraiser update Tyler W. 8/15/16
Hearing protection? demuredemeanor 8/12/16
Build night, re-organization, laser! Tyler W. 8/12/16
Source of pallet wood? Tyler W. 8/12/16
Job opportunity Nate Y. 8/10/16
Member meeting/potluck - Sunday August 7th 6-9pm Tyler W. 8/7/16
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