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Power strip behind 3D computer vmaxer72 1/17/18
Big Brothers Big Sisters Michael Grube 1/16/18
Weekly Brainstorming Thread Michael Grube 1/15/18
Incoming Hardware Donation Michael Grube 1/15/18
Board Meeting Minutes Michael Grube 1/12/18
Hackerspace Money Management Michael Grube 1/10/18
Gratis Internet Connection from Merit Michael Grube 1/6/18
Re: Fwd: 12-2017 Maintenance (64379) vmaxer72 1/4/18
Lost laptop Valdes 1/2/18
heat, doors vmaxer72 12/27/17
Back stair door vmaxer72 12/24/17
scrap plastic in trash vmaxer72 12/20/17
Upcoming back door lock vmaxer72 12/19/17
Noisebridge Nate Y. 12/19/17
Holiday Hours membership 12/15/17
Not Too Late to stop the Net Neutrality Decision! Michael Grube 12/15/17
Board Meeting rescheduled Nate Y. 12/13/17
Back stairs vmaxer72 12/12/17
Who is GoPass coordinator now ? vmaxer72 12/9/17
Back stair door again vmaxer72 12/7/17
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