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FlyBrix - Drones meet Lego Tyler W. 9/23/16
Tor Hack Day! Michael Zandi 9/22/16
Saturday coverage- again Brian Morse 9/21/16
Trash tinkers...@yahoo.com 9/21/16
card reader disabled/out of service? Michael Zandi 9/21/16
Who's staffing tonight? tyzoid.d 9/16/16
Laser tinkers...@yahoo.com 9/16/16
Thursday shift this week? Tyler W. 9/15/16
Board meeting tonight @ 7pm Tyler W. 9/15/16
Laser Login ? Jason Strickland 9/14/16
Open house tonight! 3-10pm Tyler W. 9/10/16
Open house prep Tyler W. 9/10/16
Please take open house flyers! Tyler W. 9/8/16
Wood planer specs? Brian Morse 9/4/16
VGA Splitter Jon Huhn 9/2/16
Drone/airplane project Nitish Jaiswal 9/2/16
Free - 2, dual monitor stands. Tyler W. 8/31/16
Pallets tinkers...@yahoo.com 8/31/16
Open House on September 10th and upcoming classes Tyler W. 8/30/16
Secret Lab - Sewing Class Larry Works 8/30/16
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