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End mills for CNC Tyler W. 4/21/17
April board election results Tyler W. 4/20/17
Class Possibilities! Michael Grube 4/19/17
Fwd: TechTwilight at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum All Hands Active Collective Hive 4/18/17
welding? Bill Putt 4/18/17
Fwd: [ARROW-General-List] MSPOTA Presentation followup w/ links Larry Works 4/17/17
Potluck and voting this Thursday April 20th! Tyler W. 4/17/17
Fwd: [SEMICNC] MiRobotClub April Meeting - Apr 19, 2017 - 7-9pm - BOT SWAP (and Show & Tell) Larry Works 4/15/17
Acrylic Group Buy/AHA Fundraiser QUESTIONS Henry Marshall 4/11/17
Acrylic Group Buy/AHA Fundraiser ORDERS Henry Marshall 4/11/17
Board meeting 4/12 @ 7pm Tyler W. 4/11/17
AHA Eggbot Classes Scheduled Larry Works 4/8/17
Running for the board -- meet me in person! Henry Marshall 4/7/17
Is there a fence for the bandsaw? Henry Marshall 4/7/17
Sewing Machines Larry Works 4/7/17
Nomination for board: Brian Morse Tyler W. 4/7/17
Laser cutter not cutting well Bill Putt 4/6/17
Fwd: [GO-Tech] Tech Fashion Larry Works 4/6/17
Board Election on 4/20/17 operations 4/6/17
Fwd: [a2geeks] Global Maker symposium TOMORROW Larry Works 4/5/17
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