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Dedicated Desk Info? zach 6:08 PM
Screenprinting? Michael Zandi 5:49 PM
AHA Exit Button relocated (temporarily?) Nate Y. 1/16/17
Class: Data Surveillance At Home Michael Grube 1/16/17
Friday Night Larry Works 1/14/17
Fwd: Opportunity for paid small electronics project at UM Greg Gage 1/14/17
Free Filament spools for 3D printing Tyler W. 1/13/17
Fwd: Re: This Weekend! Free Electronic Components and Amazing Deals for id3Detroit Members & Friends Nate Y. 1/13/17
Rootkits 101 Michael Grube 1/11/17
Board meeting tonight! Tyler W. 1/11/17
New Soldering Irons! Tyler W. 1/4/17
No Gods, No Servers Michael Grube 12/20/16
Anyone at the space? Adam Funk 12/13/16
12/14 7PM - Board meeting. Tyler W. 12/13/16
Fwd: DIY Robotics kits All Hands Active Collective Hive 12/9/16
Fwd: [SEMICNC] December 2016 SEMICNC Meeting Notes Larry Works 12/9/16
Fwd: Houston Instruments Plotter All Hands Active Collective Hive 12/5/16
Bathroom key tinkers...@yahoo.com 12/5/16
Fwd: a2geeks chili cookoff All Hands Active Collective Hive 11/21/16
Volunteer for Thursday evening 6-10 Tyler W. 11/16/16
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