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Fwd: Exterior electrical work tomorrow 10/20 operations 10/19/17
Classes? Kale 10/19/17
Ethernet cable vmaxer72 10/19/17
Social Network Dynamics and Analysis Michael Grube 10/19/17
Saturday Updates and Stuff that was Moved Kim 10/19/17
Anyone seen the cnc tooling? Tyler W. 10/18/17
Cleaning Party Tonight Henry Marshall 10/18/17
Classes Michael Grube 10/18/17
Re: [AllHandsActive] Hackerspaces and VPNs? Michael Grube 10/16/17
November Board Elections Nate Y. 10/14/17
Dry ice for openhouse nick ristow 10/12/17
Washtenaw County recycling event Nate Y. 10/10/17
Oct 21 Fundraiser Updates and Posters! Kim 10/10/17
Black fabric with red paint in the space Kale 10/7/17
Front door busted again !! vmaxer72 10/7/17
Found hard drive vmaxer72 10/6/17
Thursday volunteers vmaxer72 10/5/17
AHA! Halloween Fundraiser OCT 21ST Kim 10/5/17
new member paperwork vmaxer72 10/5/17
Build a website skos...@mcc.edu 10/5/17
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