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Today - clCleanup at AHA Tyler W. 7/24/16
Volunteers needed for AHA Art Fair booth fundraising 7/24/16
Resignation donaldej 7/22/16
Makerfaire volunteers Nate Y. 7/21/16
Calcium Carbide powder source? Tyler W. 7/19/16
Seeking Freenet Buddies Michael Grube 7/18/16
Door status Nate Y. 7/17/16
Better late than never! Float Fest 2016 Michael Zandi 7/15/16
Board meeting tonight at 7pm! Tyler W. 7/13/16
Power outage at AHA Monday 7/11? Tyler W. 7/12/16
Maker Faire Flyer mjsager 7/11/16
Design of new AHA Makerspace Greg Gage 7/10/16
Anyone there this Sunday? Lisa Thierbach 7/10/16
Anyone coming in tonight? donaldej 7/8/16
Phone, dues vmaxer72 7/7/16
Saturday AM staffing Sept.-Nov. Nate Y. 7/7/16
Arduino job Nate Y. 7/5/16
July 4th work Brian Morse 7/5/16
Space will be open. demuredemeanor 7/2/16
Door access for members. Tyler W. 7/1/16
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