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Welcome to AYUSH Group mail!
AYUSH is social networking platform to promot collaborative & constructive approach of Tribal Empowerment by knowledge & skill sharing. 
Aim to utilize and translate all individual/organisational energies to common vision & mission of Tribal Developement
Expecting you to initiate similar effort at your level. Lets do it together!  
AYUSH team works on principle of back to community on volunteer basis!
Goal : Self responsible society towards better planet for all (Nature, Animals & Humans)
Major Objectives: Tribal Empowerement
- Establish
 knowledge & skill sharing pool 
to Educational/Career/Professional success of tribal students
Strengthening Social Responsibility awareness towards common constructive platform for Tribal Empowerment
- Efforts to Preserve and promote Traditional Knowledge of Tribal communities (Cultural values, Art, handicrafts, Music, Medicines, Language, Lifestyle, Social Integrity, Sustainability, Economy, Etc)
- Effrots to Preserve Nature, Resources, Human & Planet. earth as one family !
Its your platform, welcoming your views/suggestions/opinions to enhance (mail us at ayush@adiyuva.in)
Let us establish common platform for Tribal empowerment, Let us do it together!


Thanks & regards

AYUSHonline team

Adivasi Yuva Shakti

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- Adivasi Bachavo Andolan : www.jago.adiyuva.in

- Tribal Tourism : www.tourism.adiyuva.in

- Tribal Matrimonial : www.lagin.in 

- Warli Painting : www.warli.in 


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Note : To know more about AYUSH activities google search by “adiyuva”.  Lets spread social responsibility awareness!

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