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[acl2/acl2] cecec3: x86isa: Added a general version of the popcount pr... noreply 3:19 AM
[acl2/acl2] eeba9f: Adding a book that performs simple URL parsing, wi... noreply 9/30/16
[acl2/acl2] d66833: VL: preprocessor updates and miscellaneous tweaks noreply 9/29/16
Re: Regression failure mattk 9/29/16
[acl2/acl2] 4d8c22: Added :doc for dft, using words from J about his d... noreply 9/28/16
[acl2/acl2] 2d54ef: Add testing utility. noreply 9/28/16
[acl2/acl2] 430e27: Fixed (declare (irrelevant ...)) bug. Improved :d... noreply 9/27/16
[acl2/acl2] b44d38: Fix typos in comments and a documentation string. noreply 9/27/16
[ irrelevant declaration] mattk 9/26/16
[acl2/acl2] 024dae: VL/SV: add support for variables partially written... noreply 9/26/16
[acl2/acl2] 03477e: Improved #., both its error message and by clearin... noreply 9/25/16
irrelevant declaration mattk 9/25/16
[acl2/acl2] 6ed1e2: Leaving the user in a better state after checking ... noreply 9/23/16
[acl2/acl2] noreply 9/23/16
[acl2/acl2] e63459: Add a variant of read-file-lines, read-file-lines-... noreply 9/23/16
[acl2/acl2] 6b6019: Another tweak to new function (save-rendered); sor... noreply 9/22/16
[acl2/acl2] 80898f: Tweaked new function (save-rendered). noreply 9/22/16
[acl2/acl2] 286596: Refactored code for saving text-based manuals into... noreply 9/22/16
[acl2/acl2] 5f077b: Changing reference to 7.2 to v7.2 noreply 9/22/16
[acl2/acl2] d4613e: Fixed :doc typo pointed out by Eric Smith. noreply 9/21/16
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