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[acl2/acl2] d75787: Tweaked a bit of source code to eliminate a LispWo... noreply 11:17 AM
:doc note-7-3-books? mattk 9:12 AM
[acl2/acl2] d6951a: Made some fixes for ACL2(p). noreply 8:22 AM
Re: Odd behavior with accumulated-persistence and disable mattk 12/3/16
[acl2/acl2] b4c32d: Improved theory-invariant messages. Fixed :pe for... noreply 12/3/16
[acl2/acl2] edf66b: Eschew gratuitous boiling noreply 12/2/16
[acl2/acl2] c22bcf: Documentation fixes: noreply 12/1/16
[acl2/acl2] a65f5a: Added linear DRAT checker, with soundness proof an... noreply 12/1/16
[acl2/acl2] 064ee9: typo noreply 12/1/16
heads-up on release mattk 11/30/16
[acl2/acl2] e8ba4e: VL/SV: preliminary support for parameters of unpac... noreply 11/30/16
[acl2/acl2] 92da2a: Fixed Github Issue #674: Nonstd build failing in p... noreply 11/30/16
[acl2/acl2] 5ac65e: add vl/sv cosims testing new feature noreply 11/30/16
[acl2/acl2] 895171: Improved the proof-builder's :s command to take mo... noreply 11/29/16
[acl2/acl2] 74c5fd: This was in the pull requets #641, but lost. noreply 11/28/16
[acl2/acl2] 7bff92: Improved :doc quicklisp. Remove-hyps handles let,... noreply 11/21/16
[acl2/acl2] b28cf2: Made some efficiency improvements (motivated by ob... noreply 11/19/16
[acl2/acl2] f01890: Fix typos in documentation. noreply 11/18/16
[acl2/acl2] 0e5c09: Fix some typos noreply 11/16/16
[acl2/acl2] fcefd8: Incorporated further emacs/emacs-acl2.el improveme... noreply 11/12/16
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