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[acl2-books] Svtv-run and non-boolean variables as inputs David Rager 4:56 PM
[acl2/acl2] acfc92: Added Makefiles for compiling and running C progra... GitHub 1:15 PM
[acl2/acl2] 58ec95: Make b* stricter; inline support for FUN binders GitHub 10/9/15
[acl2/acl2] 3e5c44: Updated 2015 workshops README. GitHub 10/9/15
[acl2/acl2] 239dfc: Moving some cache-coherence books GitHub 10/8/15
[acl2/acl2] c15b1f: few additional theorems in bitops GitHub 10/8/15
[acl2/acl2] c9b098: Add nth-slice256 and nth-slice512 to bitops GitHub 10/8/15
[acl2/acl2] 26e316: Adding VI, a toy cache coherency protocol. GitHub 10/7/15
[acl2/acl2] 537fe6: Attempted to improve discussion of invariant-risk ... GitHub 10/7/15
[acl2/acl2] adb84c: Order stobj declarations first for guard generatio... GitHub 10/7/15
[acl2/acl2] 615ad6: Added function read-file-into-string. Made a smal... GitHub 10/7/15
[acl2/acl2] f5bfcf: Work in progress for the word-count proof GitHub 10/6/15
[acl2/acl2] 5851fe: Limited floating-point support in JVM M5 model GitHub 10/6/15
[acl2/acl2] 868794: Remove passing test from fails GitHub 10/6/15
[acl2/acl2] e34b51: Added 'passing' make target to cosims GitHub 10/6/15
[acl2/acl2] 011fdf: Added books/projects/sb-machine/ contribution from... GitHub 10/6/15
[acl2/acl2] be2e94: Adding for cosims tests GitHub 10/6/15
[acl2/acl2] 3c1661: Turn guard-checking on for certify-book, include-b... GitHub 10/6/15
[acl2/acl2] bd47d2: add bound-rewriter book GitHub 10/6/15
[acl2-books] Obscure cosims issue David Rager 10/6/15
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