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[acl2/acl2] f1915e: Remove the TERM-LOGICP term utility. noreply 7/30/16
[acl2/acl2] 033c27: Add some miscellaneous theorems. noreply 7/30/16
[acl2/acl2] bdfd55: Adapt DEFUN-SK query utilities to change to DEFUN-... noreply 7/29/16
[acl2/acl2] 9e5de1: Fixed package of "strengthen" function for (defun-... noreply 7/29/16
[acl2/acl2] 5bf2af: Fix references to kestrel/system. noreply 7/29/16
[acl2/acl2] d8131c: x86isa: Added some very simple symbolic simulation... noreply 7/29/16
[acl2/acl2] 616035: Added a book for dealing with filenames that are n... noreply 7/29/16
[acl2/acl2] b26bd6: Merge from KestrelInstitute/acl2. noreply 7/28/16
[acl2/acl2] f90b07: Add new XDOC kestrel-utilities topic. noreply 7/27/16
[acl2/acl2] af5bf0: Incorporated :doc mod that I had made but forgotte... noreply 7/27/16
[acl2/acl2] 4dc119: Improve implementation of SOFT. noreply 7/26/16
[acl2/acl2] 798e49: Added eager sharing for iprinting. Fixed ACL2(p) ... noreply 7/26/16
[acl2/acl2] 941ea5: x86isa: rm08 and wm08 are also defined in terms of... noreply 7/26/16
[acl2/acl2] 9b3a40: Made improvements associated with iprinting, espec... noreply 7/26/16
[acl2/acl2] 49282c: Updated Windows build instructions (thanks to Sand... noreply 7/26/16
[acl2/acl2] e70015: Fixing a typo noreply 7/25/16
[acl2/acl2] 664486: Simplify implementation of world query utility. noreply 7/25/16
[acl2/acl2] 60602e: Simplify implementation of SOFT. noreply 7/23/16
[acl2/acl2] 3f062d: Changed ttag used by verify-guards-program from t ... noreply 7/23/16
[acl2/acl2] 4668ff: Merge from acl2/acl2. noreply 7/23/16
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