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[acl2/acl2] a7b649: Synched doc.lisp noreply 5:57 AM
[acl2/acl2] b9a129: Fix a line in the documentation noreply 4/20/18
[acl2/acl2] 70100f: Add INC/DEC register instructions. noreply 4/20/18
[acl2/acl2] 856a79: Added a new utility, skip-in-book. noreply 4/20/18
[acl2/acl2] 9d95d3: Fixed a bug in directed-untranslate, by avoiding u... noreply 4/20/18
[acl2/acl2] cdf7db: Extend Jcc short to 32-bit mode. noreply 4/20/18
(possibly) redundant compilation Mihir Mehta 4/19/18
[acl2/acl2] 9c7116: Eliminated some error noise from magic-ev-fncall. ... noreply 4/19/18
[acl2/acl2] 83e032: Enable 32-bit mode for TEST opcodes F6h and F7h. noreply 4/18/18
[acl2/acl2] 75d816: GL: document uninterpreted function restrictions a... noreply 4/18/18
[acl2/acl2] 5af9bb: Extend other ADD/ADC/etc. variants to 32-bit mode. noreply 4/18/18
[acl2/acl2] 322b59: Optional extension to number/digit conversion libr... noreply 4/17/18
[acl2/acl2] f12cf1: Add a tool to save a filtered set of xdoc topics f... noreply 4/16/18
[acl2/acl2] a87804: Update with some new lemmas and revise some proofs noreply 4/16/18
[acl2/acl2] 54c712: Extend JMP-near/short-relative to 32-bit mode. noreply 4/14/18
[acl2/acl2] 12b2d6: Reorganized the async books noreply 4/13/18
[acl2/acl2] 4c1bf8: Improve documentation of implementation of APT tra... noreply 4/12/18
[acl2/acl2] e1bb8b: Updated purity script (seems that there was a harm... noreply 4/12/18
[acl2/acl2] 9f2a81: Extend LEA instruction to 32-bit mode. noreply 4/12/18
[acl2/acl2] 5a3f9a: include std/strings/fast-cat in fewer places; add ... noreply 4/12/18
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