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This is the new discussion forum for the Accord.NET Framework. The project is now gradually moving from Origo into Google Code, and this group can now be used to post questions and discussions about the project. For bug reports, please use the specialized Issue Tracker.

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Accord.NET Framework for Windows Store, Windows Phone and WPF Anders Gustafsson Cureos AB 3/28/14
How to solve "Matrix is rank deficient" Exception Achal Saraiya 6/16/17
Constantly getting outofboundsexception NMandrelas 6/1/17
404 error for download example Maurice Pillet 5/29/17
MulticlassSupportVectorMachine with Gaussian<DynamicTimeWarping> Kernel not supported? Surya Kiran 5/17/17
vector.ElementwiseMultiply( obsolete Maurice Pillet 5/14/17
Accord.Math.Distance.SquareEuclidean(Sparse<double> x, Sparse<double> y) Jerry 5/1/17
Support for .NET Core Gary B 4/18/17
Null Reference Exception in PCA analysis. (unknown) 4/17/17
Accord.Video.FFMPEG.x64 3.4.2-alpha (unknown) 4/5/17
How to implement a static decision tree? (unknown) 3/31/17
Bootstrap example (unknown) 3/24/17
Suggestion for algorithm to use Paul B 3/21/17
Very poor results with MulticlassSupportVectorMachine (BagOfWords), MulticlassSupportVectorLearning rmk60 3/15/17
Classification (Bag-of-Words and SVM) and current Release of Accord (unknown) 3/10/17
MultinomialDistribution Argument cannot be negative. Parameter name: n Matthias Maschek 3/8/17
Signal.FromArray example, more details please (unknown) 3/2/17
Use of ExcelReader for large data sets and slow response ThorPedo 2/24/17
How to implement an Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy System in Accord.NET Deepan Cool 2/23/17
Question about 3.2.0 API for HiddenMarkovClassifier Craig 1/29/17
Predict function with multivariate HMM new api Manish Mahendru 1/4/17
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