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This is the new discussion forum for the Accord.NET Framework. The project is now gradually moving from Origo into Google Code, and this group can now be used to post questions and discussions about the project. For bug reports, please use the specialized Issue Tracker.

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Accord.NET Framework for Windows Store, Windows Phone and WPF Anders Gustafsson Cureos AB 3/28/14
Hidden Markov Model with Multivariate Mixture Emission distribution function Omar Amin 9/1/15
Factoral HMM Andy 8/3/15
Best option for image classification? (unknown) 8/3/15
distance matrix from KMeans Class Vijaya Saradhi Gannavaram 7/23/15
How to use multiple inputs for SVM (SMO or linear) Mick P 7/15/15
Using the RANSAC homography estimator, is there a way to seed the random number generator? (unknown) 6/20/15
How we can use NonlinearLeastSquares ? (unknown) 6/18/15
Aerial Image Stitching (unknown) 6/16/15
How to you performed Goodness of Fit test For a Normal Distribution (unknown) 5/31/15
SVM with dynamic time warping kernel return error rate greater than 0 Ung NHO DAI 4/27/15
in the GoldfarbIdnani solver , is there a way to impose soft constraints ? (unknown) 4/23/15
multiple classification using Liblinear vahid ziaiyan 4/14/15
Save HMM Classifier vu hoang 4/13/15
RANSAC with SVM (unknown) 3/23/15
Nonlinearconstraint in AugmentedLagrangian (unknown) 3/9/15
BFGS Artem Adamenko 2/24/15
HMM input weighting and continuous learning HMM / HCRF Craig 2/24/15
knn classifier Moar 2/14/15
Front End Angular ( .net ) (unknown) 1/30/15
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