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YouTube's autogenerated captions: please revert to the former display calmansi 6/26/16
Connecting Chrome Remote Desktop to a Mac David Hole 6/24/16
new Udacity Web Accessibility course Jennifer Sutton 6/23/16
authoring practices to supportaccessibility in Docs, Sheets, Slides Jennifer Sutton 6/23/16
Accessibility of Google Translate Widget Thomas Logan 6/22/16
Answering an incoming call using home button László Bély László 6/20/16
NVDA, Firefox, CAlendar Laine Amoureux 6/20/16
answering call using home button László Bély László 6/20/16
URL to Google Search with Google Instant off? T 6/19/16
chromeos 53 dev mattias jonsson 6/16/16
Manage in iOS devices? Johnzy 6/14/16
chromeos & android mattias jonsson 6/8/16
Accessing google contacts from the web in an accessible way Daniel Montalvo 6/2/16
Major problems with Google Docs have not been fixed Brandon Keith Biggs 6/1/16
Reading Gmail messages with Chromevox next Ryan Mann 6/1/16
link to a message on google groups John O'Regan 6/1/16
audio description on demand service seeking testing. Kare-ca 5/30/16
Fwd: [WebAIM] ADA Title II Supplemental Advance Notice of Rulemaking Overview and Commentary Brandon Keith Biggs 5/28/16
Spaces Group-Sharing App On Android, iOS, and Web Kevin Chao 5/17/16
Google forms are not accessible anymore? T 5/15/16
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