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Getting 999 error in sample kyc application suvarna 3/19/15
Aadhar Auth in android vijesh td 3/18/15
E-KYC Testing Vishwajeet Verma 3/16/15
Help me with 'generates a AES-256 random session key, encrypts the PID XML with the session key' ashishapy 3/16/15
Basic Authentication (PFA) | Address Match Logic Query Ambastha, Abhishek 3/15/15
Sample Auth XML Source code for Android Platform contact 3/13/15
Sample C# application to test the Authentication API asa 3/12/15
Private key Darla Prabhu Srikanth 3/12/15
Still i am getting error code 569 jothi 3/11/15
Remove my id from group Pravin 3/11/15
FW: [aadhaarauth] K-100 error in KYC Demo Client Babulal 3/11/15
Fwd: SEED AADHAR TO STAGING FOR EKYC v santosh 3/11/15
Getting Error Code 937 jothi 3/10/15
[aadhaarauth] K-100 error in KYC Demo Client Babulal 3/10/15
PHP Developers - Am getting Error Code 569 jothi 3/10/15
Getting Error Code 569 jothi 3/9/15
Test data for eKYC? rajave 3/9/15
Auth Server URL Babulal 3/8/15
xml error code 520 vijesh td 3/5/15
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