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Aadhaar authentication public URL for UIDAI 2.0 not working sanjay.jadav 9/14/16
Requirement of KYC Data ankitkumarsoftware1988 9/13/16
Error k-999 ,k-540 etc while POSTing the xml file ks nathan 9/13/16
The "Authentication Sample Client" for Java fails to compile and build pritika3295 9/13/16
Finger Position Not Used During Biometric Authentication ankitkumarsoftware1988 9/13/16
Regarding Alias pramodgupta498 9/13/16
regards ekyc saivinaymohan.i 9/13/16
Authentication Request with Biometric details Ruchita Gharat 9/12/16
Vendor Device Manger ankitkumarsoftware1988 9/11/16
Error Code 800 ankitkumarsoftware1988 9/10/16
eKYC decrypt error. aruna.devaguptapu 9/9/16
Common API by UIDAI for Biometric Devices avinashbitsian 9/8/16
Getting k-999 error Sonali Ghadai 9/8/16
Aadhaar Integration in C#.NET prasanth.thanikkal 9/7/16
Aadhaar Authentication done in test envioment how to implement in production Praveen Jain 9/7/16
Morpho 1300 e2 Java SDK akhileshagarwal.1983 9/6/16
Authentication using API v2.0 and Registered Device sanjay.jadav 9/6/16
e-KYC 2.0 Double Encoding of Photo is Fixed now Sanjith Sundaram 9/6/16
Regards error 937 error tulsiram 9/2/16
LPG subsidy credit based on Aadhaar linked account Praveen PPT 9/2/16
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