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502 error in .net iqra_ansari 8/21/17
Getting “551” – Invalid “tid” value for OTP based EKYC in pre-production ajith 8/16/17
pfr="N" in Aadhaar 1.6 iqra_ansari 8/16/17
Aadhaar service 2.0 throwing k-999 error iqra_ansari 8/16/17
Cloud based HSM for AUA/KUA prazana.mj 8/16/17
UIDAI HSM Compliance for AUA/KUAs - August 31 Deadline karthickscse 8/15/17
Invalid PID Encryption in Pre-Production c3support 8/11/17
Require info regarding Aadhar number existence status spadala88 8/9/17
GCM encryption of PID block Auth 2.0 hasanjaved41 8/9/17
E-105 error on Aadhaar 1.6 iqra_ansari 8/6/17
PID Encryption for Auth API 2.0 nikhil.narkhede09 8/3/17
Getting error K-955 in staging akhileshagarwal.1983 8/3/17
License key for kua and ksa for staging environment akhileshagarwal.1983 8/3/17
Invalid PID XML version (541) error in UIDAI staging Selvaganapathy K 8/2/17
Error 822 in Staging Auth API 2.0 garggagan 8/1/17
Getting K-601 in e-KYC 2.1 aangrez 7/31/17
GCM Encryption (502 error) c3support 7/28/17
Auth 2.0 Using OTP c3support 7/27/17
AEPS TRANSACTION WITH AUTH 2.0 v santosh 7/26/17
Error 935 on Adhar authentication D.Yogesh 7/25/17
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