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Unknown Host Exception for auth http://auth.uidai.gov.in/1.0/ aashish 2/27/18
Sample Code for Aadhar no. authentication gurumurthy.ramamurthy 2/25/18
UIDAI Authentication server Hostname not found error D.Yogesh 2/20/18
Encryption of PID Block at Client Browser aangrez 2/19/18
Bulk Aadhaar Verification JKB 2/6/18
How to make Rad element in e-KYC request. pandey2226 1/31/18
Pre Production Phase Url invalid error. pandey2226 1/30/18
HSM Integration anitagoswami2 1/16/18
http://auth.uidai.gov.in timing out contact.manishkangia 1/14/18
Using more than one KSA / ASA ajith 1/11/18
Biometric is available for Test UID or not? abelwalkar 12/30/17
Java code for Hsm integration sauravmca2012 12/30/17
K-100 Resident authentication failed for Biometric Authentication abelwalkar 12/29/17
Re: operate anthenticaton failed rohan.sshetti2 12/28/17
Biometric data missing in CIDR siddharth.tech101 12/28/17
No such algorithm: RSA/ECB/NoPadding Harpreet Singh 12/26/17
TTL in eKYC response code Govind Agrawal 12/19/17
Getting Error#569 with Staging_Signature_PrivateKey.p12 vikram 12/15/17
pls ADD me this group rohan.sshetti2 12/15/17
NIC cloud server to UIDAI server connectivity issue abhishek.srivastava121 12/14/17
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