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K-601 ASA Invalid (unknown) 10/16/16
Adhar Name jairamahari 10/16/16
E-KYC permission mastermind5767 10/14/16
Load Testing on Staging URL aashish 10/14/16
not able to connect to UIDAI intermittently in a ekyc NSDL 10/14/16
auth Iris problem Invalid biometric data cptekam517 10/14/16
How to get aadhar data by entering aadhar card number without getting any otp k.chandrakala14 10/13/16
Can real adhaar card be added to staging server without E-mail iD D.Yogesh 10/13/16
problem during bfd and ekyc operation in staging server cptekam517 10/13/16
how i can Verify the customer/collegues adhaar cards by my application? D.Yogesh 10/13/16
Any API available for conversion from fingerprint image to ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 format - reg Ccs Doss 10/13/16
Mobile Update API - Getting M-955 (Technical Error wile processing) Response in Staging Raju UVN 10/13/16
IRIS DEVICE v santosh 10/12/16
Iris Authentication k.chandrakala14 10/12/16
eSign using IRIS in android machindra.yewale91 10/12/16
502---Invalid Pid Encryption LakshmiNarayana 10/12/16
Authentication with FingerPrint (Biometric) and OTP Selvaganapathy K 10/11/16
"Unable to generate pdf" while print aadhar in ECMP vijaykamalr 10/11/16
Using aadhaar api in android app pritika3295 10/9/16
ECMP Addon Print Aadhaar Manish Gupta 10/9/16
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