Twitter Mentions as Comments

Welcome to the Twitter Mentions as Comments listserve. This mailing list serves to provide a discussion forum for users of and contributors to the Twitter Mentions as Comments WordPress plugin, as well as general announcements. Membership is open to the public, and all users regardless of technical expertise are encouraged to join.

Not looking for the mailing list? There are various resources available, depending on the type of help you're looking for:

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Expanded Community Tools Ben Balter 7/8/12
Issue with Avatar Images Scott White 11/12/14
Cannot create a Twitter App anymore due to MobileNumberGate Sebastian Wallroth 3/10/14
Testing of 1.5.5-rc1 Ben Balter 7/3/13
Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that! Orestis Madianos 1/16/13