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Dictionary mismatch 1/10/16
SDCH for templated server response 1/10/16
MiKandi Experiences with SDCH, a Demo and Thanks Christopher O'Connell 1/9/16
SDCH dev tools Gregor 1/8/16
Re: DECODE_BODY_ERROR For SDCH encoded page openvcdiff 1/5/16
Is it safe to say that "tokens in SDCH/vcdiff dictionaries are separated by \n (0x0a)"? Can Selcik 1/4/16
open-vcdiff is moving to GitHub openvcdiff 7/22/15
Shared Dictionary Compression for HTTP at LinkedIn openvcdiff 5/11/15
Notification of minor change to the SDCH spec. Randy Smith 10/27/14
SDCH middleware for nodejs Alexey Baranov 9/25/14
SDCH library for nodejs Alexey Baranov 9/25/14
SDCH library Alex Mercer 8/4/14
SDCH framework Gayatri P K 7/10/14
SDCH over HTTPS Chris Bentzel 6/26/14
which site have been use SDCH ? 吕毅 2/19/14
The dictionary file can't be cached by Chrome when the browser is closed and reopened Liangbin Li 1/7/14
developing a nginx sdch module using xdelta Liangbin Li 12/10/13
SDCH and SPDY John Lenz 3/28/13
Golang sdch implementation Ask Bjørn Hansen 2/27/13
sdch compressed traffic shimrit 12/9/12
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