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Charter: Share, discuss and collaborate on data science for social good awesomeness. This is an open and unmoderated list. Anyone can join, so be sure to invite awesome people. No trolls or press releases allowed. Over to you.

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Data Angels: Building the world’s smartest companies in India Nishank Varshney 9/6/16
Fwd: IBM Journal of R&D - Special Issue on "Data Science for Social Good" Patrick Meier 7/18/16
India's stand in KDD 2016 Nishank Varshney 7/7/16
ML India Gurgaon chapter | Second meetup- Proactive Search and Digital Assistants Nishank Varshney 7/1/16
Gain the Skills Needed to Immediately and Effectively Participate in Big Data and Data Science Konal Shah 6/30/16
ML-India Interview series | Dr. Vasudeva Varma IIIT Hyderabad Nishank Varshney 6/24/16
Looking for weekly timeseries social good data Nachum Plonka 6/22/16
ML India Gurgaon chapter - Second meetup - Guest speaker from University College London Nishank Varshney 6/20/16
ML India Bangalore chapter | Fourth meetup - Guest speaker from Xerox Research Nishank Varshney 6/16/16
Digital Analytics Roles in Social Good Erek Dyskant 6/8/16
ML India Bangalore chapter - 4th meetup - Guest speaker from Xerox Research Nishank Varshney 5/23/16
ML India Gurgaon chapter - First Meetup Nishank Varshney 5/20/16
ML India Gurgaon chapter - 1st meetup Nishank Varshney 5/9/16
ML-India: Bangalore chapter: Third Meetup Nishank Varshney 5/6/16
ML-India Interview series - Prof. Mausam, IIT Delhi Nishank Varshney 4/27/16
ML India Bangalore chapter - 3rd meetup - Guest speaker from Scribble Data Nishank Varshney 4/21/16
ML-India Interview Series - Mr. Avisek Lahiri, doctoral student, IIT Kharagpur Nishank Varshney 4/14/16
The Real-Time Use of Python in Data Science World! Divya Dutta 2/26/16
Big Data | Data Science: Writing Code and Exploring Data Anita Goyal 2/4/16
Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Data Collection Surendran Balachandran 11/18/15
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