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Next CHUG meeting Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at CDPHE 1:30pm! Devon_Williford 3/10/15
Next CHUG meeting Thursday October 30, 2014 at CDPHE 1pm! Devon_Williford 10/16/14
Our next CHUG meeting megbert 5/13/14
This might be a good way to publish some of your work. megbert 11/21/13
CHUG user group meeting scheduled for Oct 17 megbert 10/10/13
Our Next User Group Meeting megbert 7/2/13
Next CHUG Meeting 7/2/13
Unnatural Causes Video – Place Matters & Existing Health Disparities in Colorado Alyson Shupe, Ph.D CDPHE (March 12, 2013, from Noon-1:00pm) ari_mapshealth 3/5/13
Our next CHUG meeting megbert 3/4/13
Question for all CHUGers regarding Health GIS ari_mapshealth 2/20/13
CHUG Meeting on November 29 megbert 11/27/12
CDPHE GIS Lab open house megbert 8/10/12
Time lapse of Waldo Canyon fire megbert 7/5/12
colorado wildfires megbert 6/28/12
FW: Waldo Canyon Fire: June 27, 2012 (2pm) Maps and Notices ari_mapshealth 6/27/12
June 14 CHUG meeting megbert 6/27/12
Emergency Fire GIS Support Available. ari_mapshealth 6/27/12
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