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Discussion group for users of Asgard, an open source web-based graphical and ReST interface created at Netflix for application deployments and cloud management in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Post your questions and answers relating to your experience using Asgard.

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Cannot load Asgard startup page on fresh install Tony Ferro 2/22/15
asgard's terminate and resize asg button Ryan Smith 2/21/15
Help with tagging? Jason Antman 2/19/15
Asgard not listing new Amazon region eu-central-1 Luis Muniz 2/19/15
Any way to pass in parameters at launch time Jason Antman 2/19/15
ASG tags support ? Ahmed El-Gamil 1/27/15
Security Groups JayP 1/27/15
Does CloudFormation and Elastic Beanstalk address some of the reasons for creation of Asgard? Grant Rostig 1/21/15
Add Janitor Monkey app in asgard application sudhir meena 1/16/15
Memory Leak with Tomcat7 Jeff Ippolito 1/12/15
Making AMIs show up in the application's image list Chris Marks 1/9/15
SSO user management Jeff Storey 12/26/14
Automated Deployment API ? Renaud Guerin 12/22/14
Automated Deployments not working JayP 12/22/14
Security groups are not listed for launch configuration (SG's from non-default vpc) Benyamin Dvoskin 12/15/14
Problems with advanced user data provider in 1.5 Anthony Roach 12/12/14
Removal of instance types JayP 12/9/14
IAM Permissions? Sean Laurent 12/8/14
Setting Up Asgard: Error I Don't Understand Josh Johnson 12/5/14
Asgard stuck on Multi Region Instance Type Kristian Øllegaard 12/5/14
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