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WTB/T Switchback Hill tires! Ryan 9:23 AM
Vintage Hercules single speed city/town bike for sale... peter weigle 9:18 AM
WTB dyno 650b wheelset Philip Kim 8:56 AM
Grand Bois Tires & Gypsey Moths Ted Shwartz 8:05 AM
FS: Soma Cazaderos, Freight Bag ian m 6:10 AM
VO Diagonale building thoughts Theodor Rzad 4:42 AM
Touring on CDLVs Harold Bielstein 12:33 AM
Looking to put together a North Trask group ride in the near future Mark Guglielmana 6/29/16
WTB Horizon Evan Baird 6/29/16
FS: Haulin' Colin Porteur Rack Bare 4130 Chromoly Justin Hughes 6/29/16
FS: PAIR Compass Switchback Hill EL Black Justin Hughes 6/29/16
WTB: Used Hetres or BSP Rory Woods 6/29/16
WTT: 2x Compass 650Bx42 Babyshoe Pass Extralight Gumwall for Black Irving Pham 6/29/16
~500g 650b 25mm internal width rim for cantis? Daniel Jackson 6/28/16
FS/FT: SKF Bottom Bracket (JIS, 113mm) Samuel McCune 6/28/16
FS: Custom Velocity A23 650b Wheelset Eric Karnes 6/27/16
FS: Custom Jitensha Kimura Dynamo Seat Tube Tail Light Justin Hughes 6/27/16
Jack Taylor 22.25" $440 plus shipping rcnute 6/27/16
Camille Dardenne 56cm $1,000 plus shipping rcnute 6/27/16
Unmeeting Photos! Nick Favicchio 6/27/16
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