Conditions of use

This group has been created as a service to, and in support of, the 4tH (and Forth) community. As in most discussion groups, there are a few rules to ensure the survivability of the group for the future.

  1. This group is for discussions of 4tH problems, 4tH questions and answers. It is not to be used for non-4tH discussions.
  2. This is not an 4tH advocacy group. Stick to 4tH questions and problem-solving or move your discussion to an appropriate channel. i.e. alternative site or private e-mail.
  3. Flames, insults, foul language will not be tolerated. You will be unsubscribed and barred from re-subscribing under your present e-mail address.

What to discuss?

Well, Problems, wishes, needs, solutions (how you did something) basically anything 4tH related.

Where can I get more information?
Please use the Freecode project page. Lots of links to the various 4tH sites, including the SVN repository.

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