An open forum for people that are interested in, use, design, and make 3d printers in the
604 area code of Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and everywhere in between

The group is free to join & has no membership fees. If you'd like to help cover our costs, feel free to donate any amount.
We also have a Facebook page and a Flickr Group but this is the primary source for updates and information.
If you have any questions about this group, feel free to contact John Biehler.

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Design Night Eugene Suyu 3/10/15
Welcome to 3D604! Please read for more info about this group. John Biehler 5/1/13
Alligator Board from indiegogo. Italian Designed super board Ian Smith 3/31/15
Anyone know of any good (local) sources for linear rods/bearings? NickW 3/30/15
Makerbot Problems Max Hynes 3/29/15
Makerbot Dual - Heater Block issues Lisa M 3/28/15
Call for interest: Vancouver Maker Faire June 6-7, 2015 John Biehler 3/26/15
LCD Controller theglasairpilot 3/26/15
Builders of 3d printers Bryan Dott 3/25/15
Simplify 3d software Ian Smith 3/25/15
(possibly..?) for sale - Lulzbot Taz 3 (with Taz 5 equivalent upgrades) Tiago Santos 3/20/15
Material Matters 3D Printing Forum: Mini Conference THIS FRIDAY! Heather Mitchell 3/16/15
Langley Library Demo: Saturday March 14 John Biehler 3/14/15
reprap i3 Noah Wilkie 3/14/15
FOR SALE: Prusa i3 3D Printer - asking $650 Kevin MacDonald 3/14/15
New Printer (continued) Dual Head, Heated Bed ... wait for it ... *DUAL* X Axis Simon C 3/6/15
anyone have an El-Cheapo laser attachment for their 3d printer? gdeconto 2/27/15
SEMI-FLEX Filament Graeme Bennett 2/24/15
Proto-pasta has arrived. Ian Smith 2/23/15
Mission Library 3D Printing Demo - Sat Feb 21st John Biehler 2/20/15
New printer Bryan Dott 2/15/15
T-Slot nuts group order Daniel Friesen 2/13/15
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