An open forum for people that are interested in, use, design, and make 3d printers in the
604 area code of Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and everywhere in between

The group is free to join & has no membership fees. If you'd like to help cover our costs, feel free to donate any amount.
We also have a Facebook page and a Flickr Group but this is the primary source for updates and information.
If you have any questions about this group, feel free to contact John Biehler.

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Next Meetup: Thurs Feb 18th @ Tinkerine (7pm) John Biehler 2/3/16
2016 3D604 Printer village Dan Steele 2/2/16
February 2016 Meetup question John Biehler 2/2/16
Next Meetup date changed: now THURSDAY, January 14th @ 6:30 (at Tinkerine) John Biehler 1/10/16
Welcome to 3D604! Please read for more info about this group. John Biehler 5/1/13
3D Printing Service Needed Bryan Vo 2/5/16
Maker Faire 101: Feb 20th @ 4pm (MakerLabs) John Biehler 2/2/16
Looking for comments about Deltas... Ian Smith 1/31/16
Missed the Jan 2016 3D604 meet, recap please? KP Chiang 1/29/16
January 3D Makers Meetup @ the RPL: 3D Scanning Julian Rendell 1/25/16
Event Invitation - Port Moody Library Curiosity Fair mashdown 1/15/16
vancouver PLA ABS source Jeremiah Timmins 1/14/16
Looking for printer. Bryan Dott 12/29/15
Lulzbot Taz for sale Tiago Santos 12/21/15
Mk8 Drive Gears JG-Evolution 12/17/15
Cost of a set of 3D printer electronics KP Chiang 12/16/15
Tinkerine DittoPro Alternate Slicer Lisa M 12/15/15
Does anyone have any expierience with one of these? Chris Barry 12/10/15
Brand New MakerBot Replicator Mickey Wu 12/9/15
Cartesian printer with stationary print bed KP Chiang 12/9/15
Next Meetup: Dec 1st, 2015 - 7pm @ Tinkerines John Biehler 12/1/15
Non touch temp reader on sale ($20) at Canadian tire today Julian Rendell 11/26/15
Want more control over solid infill layer KP Chiang 11/26/15
Heat set inserts for 3d printing - sources? Chris Halliday 11/23/15
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