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Wet Lab San Diego DIYBio

Welcome to The Wet Lab - a DIYbio makerspace in the making!  We are a group of professional and citizen scientists interested in molecular biology, synthetic biology, plants and algae.  Feel free to contribute to the discussion and share any information you like with the group.  Please select a proper category for your posting.  I'll add categories as we need them. This makes it easy for new members to find important postings down the road.

More info can be found on our website (including calendar) HERE.  We have a working space at Fab Lab where we are growing algae, building bioreactors, wiring sensors and teaching molecular biology.  And HERE is a link to our Trello projects page. Come have a look at all our exciting projects!


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How to pour agar plates Cameron Clarke 6/3/15
Algae: An Overview, slides 9/17/14 C Clark 9/16/14
Intro to Experimental Design, 9.10.14 C Clark 9/9/14
Lipid Extraction Methods Sept 3, 2014 C Clark 9/3/14
Bioprospecting August 13, 2014 C Clark 8/10/14
Plamids/Transformations July 16, 2014 C Clark 7/14/14
Gel Electrophoresis for July 2, 2014 C Clark 7/2/14
Primer Design for DNA amplification with PCR Cameron Clarke 6/25/14
Slides & Microscopes Cameron Clarke 6/9/14
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Cameron Clarke 5/30/14
Strawberry DNA extraction this week Cameron Clarke 5/18/14
Great site for molecular biology animations Cameron Clarke 5/9/14
VIdeos on cellular biology Cameron Clarke 5/6/14
The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology part II - Beware: LOTS of detail here! Cameron Clarke 4/27/14
3rd Video: DNA to RNA to Protein Cameron Clarke 4/10/14
Second Video: DNA Replication (cell division) Cameron Clarke 4/7/14
Learn how to to focus on a segment of DNA and copy it billions of times... Edmund Fraser 4/7/14
First Video: What is DNA? Cameron Clarke 3/25/14