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Tango control system

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Memorized Attributes Christophe Chappet 6/30/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #802 Bugs in DevicePipeBlob management tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 6/21/16
Tango Roadmap updated Andy Gotz 6/18/16
Tango Meeting Web Conference Christophe Chappet 6/17/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #800 DevShort attributes present wrong behaviour with the event changes tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 6/16/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #801 Memory leak for R/W spectrum string attribute tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 6/15/16
ATK panel makes attributes invisible to me... :( Jagoda Sokół 6/14/16
Re: PyTango Undefined symbol DeviceData Giacomo S. 6/14/16
RFC - Tango V10 Andy Gotz 6/12/16
Tango git migration proposal coutinho 6/10/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #799 Read value for attribute xxx has not been updated tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 6/8/16
Tango ds repository full checkout Gabriel Jover 6/3/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #798 Memory leak for old compilers tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 5/31/16
Last chance to register to Tango meeting Jean-Michel CHAIZE 5/26/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:feature-requests] #99 add tango_admin --server-list tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 5/25/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #797 [c++] link against libmysqlclient instead of libmysqlclient_r tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 5/24/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #791 Wrong usage of omni_mutex_lock in some files tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 5/24/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #792 Calls to asynchronous methods not thread-safe when several CORBA system exceptions are thro w n at the same time tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 5/24/16
Tango 32 bit windows binaries crash when calling DeviceProxy::command_list_query() Max Gilljohann 5/17/16
PyTango Compile Error - var has not been declared Lais P. Carmo 5/12/16
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