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Tango control system

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[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #702 Cannot change TANGO_HOST in ASTOR 6.5.1 tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 2/18/15
Chris Turner TAC Manager Screenshot Chris Turner 2/18/15
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #701 Memory leak in command with list argument tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 2/17/15
Questions about TANGO GARINO Cyrille 2/16/15
New Tango Device Server Class(es) Pascal VERDIER 2/13/15
New web site Andy Gotz 2/12/15
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #700 [pytango] useless files in the source distribution tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 2/9/15
New release of Sardana 1.5.0 (Jan15) Carlos Pascual 2/6/15
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #698 PyTango.Util discrepancy tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 2/6/15
PyTango device inheritance Csaba Koncz 2/5/15
New release of Taurus 3.4.0 (Jan15) Carlos Pascual 2/5/15
jive and astor installation for TANGO v8 Philippe Gauron 2/3/15
[PyTango] Update with Pip Christophe Chappet 2/2/15
ELI-TANGO workshop Lajos Fülöp 2/1/15
event change for a boolean attribute Mickaël PINA 1/30/15
Reading/writing all attributes of a device Jan Meyer 1/28/15
29th Tango Collaboration Meeting in Krakow, 20-22.05.2015 Piotr Goryl 1/28/15
device locking issues Carlos Pascual 1/27/15
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #699 Memory leak calling event callback tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 1/15/15
unexpected TANGO timeout Matthias Drochner 1/15/15
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