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Tango control system

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[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #791 Wrong usage of omni_mutex_lock in some files tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 5/24/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #792 Calls to asynchronous methods not thread-safe when several CORBA system exceptions are thro w n at the same time tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 5/24/16
Tango 32 bit windows binaries crash when calling DeviceProxy::command_list_query() Max Gilljohann 5/17/16
PyTango Compile Error - var has not been declared Lais P. Carmo 5/12/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #796 Event -> Wrong attribute name in DeviceAttribute for DS using a file as Db tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 5/10/16
Tango meeting draft agenda Jean-Michel CHAIZE 5/3/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #795 [tango][9.2.2] doen not compile on Debian unstable tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 4/27/16
Tango 9.2 patch file Manu 4/26/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #794 Possible crash in asynchronous calls due to race condition in omniORB 4.2.1 tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 4/26/16
Device server for tripod? Łukasz Żytniak 4/25/16
Pytango under windows Mexner, Wolfgang (IBPT) 4/19/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #793 API_AsynReplyNotArrived exception thrown when asyn call response is received in the last 20 ms b efore the timeout expiration tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 4/14/16
TANGO School at Elettra marco.lonza 4/14/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #787 Event errors persisting after server restart tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 4/14/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #790 Wrong full att name passed to event callback tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 4/12/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #789 Device not switching to ALARM tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 4/12/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:bugs] #788 Dead lock in event system tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 4/12/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:feature-requests] #81 Add CommandInfo.description tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 4/12/16
[Tango-cs-bug-info] [tango-cs:feature-requests] #123 Adding API for obtaining the command description tango-cs...@lists.sourceforge.net 4/11/16
Kill & Restart using Astor Christophe Chappet 4/11/16
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