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Stolen Bicycles Bay Area

Welcome to the Stolen Bicycles: Bay Area. We hope this email group is a useful resource for those of you who have been the unlucky target of a bike thief. It should, however, be just one tool in your toolkit in the recovery of your bicycle. While we'll hopefully build up a large subscriber base so that we can spread the word far and wide when a bicycle is stolen through this list, you should also take the following steps to get your bike back:

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Jenny Oh Hatfield is the owner of this group. Please email her at spamisevill at gmail dot com if you have questions or would like to be a moderator.  

Stolen Bicycle Post

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Stolen 2015 Green Specialized Allez - Plz Help! Nike Start 12/9/16
Stolen Ibis Tranny29 Hardtail Santa Rosa Scot Nicol 12/5/16
2017 Verza Fit Speed 30 (Gray) + Reid Vintage Ladies Petite (Pink) Clark Kays 12/4/16
Stolen Bike: Blue/Black Giant/Liv Women's Road Bike Ada Jang 11/27/16
Stolen S-Works Amira & Specialized Fate julia...@gmail.com 11/26/16
Stolen Bianchi Lupo (grey) Isobel Palmer 11/25/16
Stolen: Mint green Bridgestone singlespeed Jesse Jankowski 11/22/16
Transition Patrol Black M 2016 (Stolen) cox.t...@gmail.com 11/22/16
Brand new Blue Electra Women Townie Elena Ferri 11/21/16
Green Motobecane with Tiagra groupset ksel...@gmail.com 11/18/16
Black Cannondale Hybrid (2007) Nathan Hill 11/17/16
Stolen Women's Specialized Dolce. Smash and Grab from locked car in secure parking garage Marjorie Gray 11/15/16
Stolen Bicycle Kyu Chang Hwang 11/14/16
Stolen Olive/Dark Specialized Road Bike - 1355 Market St tomas.g...@gmail.com 11/12/16
Charcoal gray Priority Eight stolen from El Dorado mobile park, Sunnyvale. Kevin Herd 11/9/16
Marin Palisades stolen out of my garage Adam Barry 11/9/16
Stolen Custom Built Bamboo Bike Crystal Jones 11/7/16
Orange Bicycle - Dawes Eclipse 1.0 - got stolen from car Madhura Chakrabarti 11/5/16
Bike stolen on the caltrain mostly near the Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and Mountain view stations kartheek k 11/5/16
Stolen Surly Cross-Check Jolene 1/19/17
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