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Stolen Bicycles Bay Area

Welcome to the Stolen Bicycles: Bay Area. We hope this email group is a useful resource for those of you who have been the unlucky target of a bike thief. It should, however, be just one tool in your toolkit in the recovery of your bicycle. While we'll hopefully build up a large subscriber base so that we can spread the word far and wide when a bicycle is stolen through this list, you should also take the following steps to get your bike back:

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Stolen: Blue specialized road bike with bright red seat! kelly.l...@gmail.com 4/26/16
STOLEN: Custom Aluminum MTB commuter with green fork Andrew Middleton 4/25/16
STOLEN: 27 year old green Univega w/ Aluminum frame Was Wedding Gift tall...@gmail.com 4/24/16
Stolen Public D8 Bike - directly from garage in Emeryville Lyndon Oh 4/24/16
STOLEN: Purple Performance Bike Shop bike from Alamo Square, SF Shivaun Watchorn 4/21/16
STOLEN: 44cm black fuji supreme Remy 4/21/16
Found Fuji in Oakland (Ivy Hill) Justin August 4/19/16
Stolen: Blue Surly Cross Check @Frank Ogawa Plaza Jack Vu 4/17/16
Stolen bikes Troy Yung 4/16/16
STOLEN: grey and yellow raleigh technium with blue accents Dara Silverman 4/16/16
Stolen Black Bruce Gordon touring bike with horn-like handlebar extensions Dara Silverman 4/16/16
Stolen titanium MTB April 12 2016 4pm 600 California St SF parking garage Unsavory Character 4/15/16
probably chop shop on 42nd Street, between MLK & Telegraph, under the CA-24 overpass. Oakland. John McComb 4/14/16
Stolen Windsor Rapide Bicycle in SOMA, San Francisco Jennifer Ortega 4/14/16
TEAL schwinn STOLEN BY LAKE MERRITT bs...@humboldt.edu 4/13/16
Stolen Bike in Oakland, CA Deborah Frazier 4/12/16
Stolen Bike Palo Alto John Collins 4/11/16
Stolen cannondale Evo di2 48 cm & Gary fisher MTB Some...@me.com 4/11/16
peloton bike team ,iran,gilan saman yousefi 4/7/16
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