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The Map Maker Community has moved! Lori Savageau 3/27/13
An update on naming water features Lori Savageau 3/26/13
Your thoughts and suggestion on the release dated March 12, 2013 Sneha 3/24/13
Your thoughts and suggestions on the recent update dated - March 20, 2013 Sneha 3/21/13
The New Review Panel - share your feedback Lori Savageau 3/18/13
Poll: What Issue Do You Want Fixed The Most In Map Maker? blissfulight 3/18/13
Your thoughts and suggestions on Map Maker update - Jan 18, 2013 Sneha 3/7/13
Updates on some mapmaker-syncer woes... Jayanth Mysore 9/5/12
Have a spammer trying to make edits then reviewer blames me what should I do? Todd Schoolcraft 9/30/14
Ferry boat line problems David 6/8/13
Mappers with over 300k edits in ~400 days creating work that is auto approved David 5/5/13
Roads changed to one-way for part of the day. trailman 5/4/13
Correct way to mark change of business brand - Shell > Z (New Zealand) Kev Hardie 4/27/13
Difference between route and road MarinoBuia 4/15/13
Mountain Valley Niffe 4/10/13
Please, make corrections to the regions (oblasts) details in Ukraine DixonD 4/2/13
High priority changes Titus Lee 3/30/13
My Mapathon Score not getting updated ! Yogesh Sharma 3/27/13
How long should I wait for spam to be removed? Mike Williams 3/27/13
Mapathon 2013 Rankings/Leader board (Unofficial) Intikhab Ahmad 3/27/13
Delete an incorrect land mark (that I didn't create) from my map Universal Outreach 3/27/13
"Tunnel" or driveway through Ground flour of the building Pavlo Misiura 3/27/13
Multiple pins on top of each other—can only select top pin marct 3/26/13
How many Places can one doctor's office have... (single address; multiple doctors)? marct 3/26/13
Mapathon 2013 Being Censored?? Intikhab Ahmad 3/26/13
what is the meaning of "Status: Empty"??? Bilal Shah 3/26/13
Result of Mapathon 2013 India competition Vipul Buchade 3/25/13
Why are some escort services still up and others are no longer? John Russell 3/25/13
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