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The Map Maker Community has moved! Lori Savageau 3/27/13
An update on naming water features Lori Savageau 3/26/13
Your thoughts and suggestion on the release dated March 12, 2013 Sneha 3/24/13
Introduce yourself Adam Lasnik 3/21/13
Your thoughts and suggestions on the recent update dated - March 20, 2013 Sneha 3/21/13
The New Review Panel - share your feedback Lori Savageau 3/18/13
Poll: What Issue Do You Want Fixed The Most In Map Maker? blissfulight 3/18/13
Your thoughts and suggestions on the recent Map Maker update Sneha 3/17/13
Your thoughts and suggestions on Map Maker update - Jan 18, 2013 Sneha 3/7/13
Read before post! Marc-André 3/4/13
Your thoughts and suggestions on Map Maker Update - Dec 13, 2012 Sneha 2/1/13
Updates on some mapmaker-syncer woes... Jayanth Mysore 9/5/12
Premium Computer Support Premium Computer Support 3/13/13
how do you fix other people sabatage your gplace listing? Dat To 4/16/12
Please review - Australia > QLD > Stones Corner Sybille Goss 2/17/15
Please review new listing - Australia > QLD > Brisbane Sybille Goss 2/15/15
Something to note about water features! Nels 11/20/14
Have a spammer trying to make edits then reviewer blames me what should I do? Todd Schoolcraft 9/30/14
India-Gujarat long route including national highway wrongly renamed ! Nitin Chauhan 5/24/14
USA > Michigan > Detroit Todd Scott 4/1/14
Please review boundaries that I have marked for the locality Port Barton David 7/24/13
Re: Digest for google-...@googlegroups.com - 1 Message in 1 Topic H Willis 7/23/13
resulation JAIDEEP SINGH 7/22/13
Duplicate and Incorrect edit Mara Winslow 6/12/13
Ferry boat line problems David 6/8/13
USA > PA > Creighton (NE of Pittsburgh) Carl Bromley 5/27/13
Please review relocated business at Kittanning, PA, USA Carl Bromley 5/27/13
Please Review USA>COLORADO>FORT COLLINS>HAIR & CO Trevor Justus 5/15/13
United States > New York > Orleans Kingston-Mapper 5/6/13
Mappers with over 300k edits in ~400 days creating work that is auto approved David 5/5/13
Roads changed to one-way for part of the day. trailman 5/4/13
Edits pending for a long time DixonD 4/30/13
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