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The Cowtown Computer Congress (CCCKC) was formed in 2008 to create a shared space for local technology enthusiasts to meet, collaborate on group projects, share tools, and support the Greater Kansas City community. CCCKC is a grassroots organization of tinkerers, hackers, explorers, artists, inventors, and technology enthusiasts in the Kansas City area.

This member supported organization is an educational 501(c)(3) non-profit founded to advance technology of all kinds. CCCKC brings together some of the finest minds in the Midwest to collaborate on research and projects for other local groups.

Through their affiliate program, CCCKC offers assistance to other user groups by providing them with a facility to hold meetings and work on projects of their own.

Technology classes, workshops, study groups and other services are also offered to the public free of charge. We are the perfect lab for startups and entrepreneurs to realize their dream.

Enjoy free internet and a dedicated workspace for your projects.

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Lasers anyone? Rusty 2/24/13
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Possible to power 12 volt stepper with 3.7 volt battery? Matt Bell 1/25/13
Blog? Document Share? etc... George Westwater 1/25/13
Labels for (akro-mils/stack on) resistor drawers George Westwater 1/23/13
Ordering some IC(s) George Westwater 1/22/13
Would anyone be willing George Westwater 1/17/13
New use of outsourced work Travis Davis 1/16/13
Maker Fair KC ? George Westwater 1/14/13
Raspberry Pi cases? Mad MAx Jr 1/10/13
CCCKC computer / hardware assets? Mad MAx Jr 1/4/13
Whats up w/ this whole mineshafter stuff?? AtomicC 1/2/13
StepVan Seeks Mobile Hackerspace. Hammerspace Hobby 12/18/12
Larger than life Mouse Trap vsoy 10/10/12
The Talking Periodic Table for maker fair? Travis Davis 10/3/12
Hacker health awareness night at CCCKC on Thursday, October 25th. + First aid class follow up Joel Kershner 9/30/12
hammerspace internet. Jordie Smith 10/4/12
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