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spl/zfs-0.6.0-rc11 Brian 9/18/12 2:50 PM

The spl/zfs-0.6.0-rc11 release candidate is available.


This release includes several ZFS improvements which were backported
from Illumos and a variety of bug fixes.  Full details and proper
attribution for this work is below.  Highlights include:

  * Support for ZVOL based swap devices
  * Support for preemptible kernels
  * Vastly improved msync() performance
  * Improved behavior under low memory conditions
  * Improved 'zpool import' search behavior
  * Added 'zstreamdump' command from Illumos
  * Added 'zfs get -t <datatype>" support from Illumos
  * Fixed 'ZFS replay transaction error 5'
  * Fixed SA based xattr coherency issue
  * Fixed various NFS issues

----------------------- SPL Change Log ---------------------------
Brian Behlendorf (19):
      Add copy-builtin to EXTRA_DIST
      Remove autotools products
      Emergency slab objects
      Revert "Add TASKQ_NORECLAIM flag"
      Revert "Detect kernels that honor gfp flags passed to vmalloc()"
      Revert "Fix NULL deref in balance_pgdat()"
      Revert "Disable vmalloc() direct reclaim"
      Add PF_NOFS debugging flag
      Mutex ASSERT on self deadlock
      Switch KM_SLEEP to KM_PUSHPAGE
      Enhance SPLAT kmem:slab_overcommit test
      Suppress task_hash_table_init() large allocation warning
      Add KMC_NOEMERGENCY slab flag
      Set KMC_NOEMERGENCY for zlib workspaces
      Debug cv_destroy() with mutex held
      Revert "Switch KM_SLEEP to KM_PUSHPAGE"
      Remove TQ_SLEEP -> KM_SLEEP mapping
      Switch KM_SLEEP to KM_PUSHPAGE
      SPL 0.6.0-rc11

Chris Dunlop (1):
      Remove autotools products

Etienne Dechamps (1):
      Add DKIOCTRIM for TRIM support.

Prakash Surya (5):
      Wrap trace_set_debug_header in trace_[get|put]_tcd
      Avoid calling smp_processor_id in spl_magazine_age
      Add kpreempt_[dis|en]able macros in <sys/disp.h>
      Revert "Make CONFIG_PREEMPT Fatal"
      Remove SPL_LINUX_CONFIG autoconf macro

Richard Yao (1):
      Remove Makefile from non-toplevel .gitignore files

----------------------- ZFS Change Log ---------------------------
Alexander Eremin (2):
      Illumos #1977: zfs allow arguments not parsed correctly
      Illumos #1726: Removal of pyzfs broke delegation for volumes

Andrew Stormont (1):
      Illumos #1936: add support for "-t <datatype>" argument to zfs get

Brian Behlendorf (23):
      Add copy-builtin to EXTRA_DIST
      Revert "Use SA_HDL_PRIVATE for SA xattrs"
      rmdir(2) should return ENOTEMPTY
      Remove autotools products
      Pre-allocate vdev I/O buffers
      Annotate KM_PUSHPAGE call paths with PF_NOFS
      mzap_upgrade() must use kmem_alloc()
      Clear PG_writeback after zil_commit() for sync I/O
      Switch KM_SLEEP to KM_PUSHPAGE
      Switch KM_SLEEP to KM_PUSHPAGE
      Improve AF hard disk detection
      Switch KM_SLEEP to KM_PUSHPAGE
      Switch KM_SLEEP to KM_PUSHPAGE
      Disable page allocation warnings for ARC buffers
      Add zstreamdump .gitignore
      Remove zvol device node
      Revert "Improve AF hard disk detection"
      Move iput() after zfs_inode_update()
      Clear PG_writeback for sync I/O error case
      Switch KM_SLEEP to KM_PUSHPAGE
      Improve `zpool import` search behavior
      Seg fault 'zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id -a'

Chris Dunlop (2):
      Switch KM_SLEEP to KM_PUSHPAGE
      Remove autotools products

Christopher Siden (2):
      Illumos #1796, #2871, #2903, #2957
      Illumos #3085: zfs diff panics, then panics in a loop on booting

Cyril Plisko (5):
      Make ZFS filesystem id persistent across different machines
      Illumos #3064: cmd/zpool/zpool_main.c misspells "successful"
      Avoid running exportfs on each zfs/zpool command invocation
      Fix zdb printf format string for ZIL data blocks
      ZFS replay transaction error 5

Eric Schrock (1):
      Illumos #2635: 'zfs rename -f' to perform force unmount

Etienne Dechamps (4):
      Fix mount_zfs dependency on libzpool.
      Add libnvpair to mount_zfs dependencies
      Increase the stack space in userspace.
      Silence "setting dataset to sync always" message in ztest.

Garrett D'Amore (1):
      Illumos #2803: zfs get guid pretty-prints the output

Javen Wu (1):
      Drop spill buffer reference

Martin Matuska (2):
      Properly initialize and free destroydata
      Add zstreamdump(8) command to examine ZFS send streams.

Massimo Maggi (1):
      Fix snapshot automounting with GrSecurity constify plugin.

Michael Martin (1):
      Fix missing vdev names in zpool status output

Prakash Surya (2):
      Wrap smp_processor_id in kpreempt_[dis|en]able
      Remove autoconf check for CONFIG_PREEMPT

Richard Lowe (1):
      Illumos #2088 zdb could use a reasonable manual page

Richard Yao (6):
      Check kernel source directory for SPL
      Consistent menuconfig name