spl/zfs-0.6.1 released

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spl/zfs-0.6.1 released Brian 3/27/13 4:02 PM
Today the ZFS on Linux project reached an important milestone with the
official 0.6.1 release!  Over two years of use by real users has
convinced us ZoL is ready for wide scale deployment on everything from
desktops to super computers.

As always tarballs are available from zfsonlinux.org.


To simplify the installation and management of ZFS we have set up new
repositories for Debian, Fedora, and RHEL/CentOS.  They can be found at
the following URLs.

Debian: Add to /etc/apt/sources.list
   deb http://archive.zfsonlinux.org/debian wheezy main
   deb-src deb http://archive.zfsonlinux.org/debian wheezy main

Fedora: See http://zfsonlinux.org/fedora for directions.
   rpm http://archive.zfsonlinux.org/fedora/$releasever/$basearch
   srpm http://archive.zfsonlinux.org/fedora/$releasever/SRPMS

RHEL/CentOS: See http://zfsonlinux.org/epel for directions.
   rpm http://archive.zfsonlinux.org/epel/$releasever/$basearch
   spms http://archive.zfsonlinux.org/epel/$releasever/SRPMS

In addition to the usual bug fixes the 0.6.1 release introduces a new
property called 'snapdev'.  The 'snapdev' property was introduced to
control the visibility of zvol snapshot devices and may be set to
either 'visible' or 'hidden'.  When set to 'hidden', which is the
default, zvol snapshot devices will not be created under /dev/.
To gain access to these devices the property must be set to 'visible'
This behavior is analogous to the existing 'snapdir' property.

Other significant changes include:
   * Added Linux 3.9 compatibility
   * Added snapdev property to control visibility of zvol snapshots.
   * Disabled old on-disk format warning for `zpool status -x`.
   * Enabled zfs_arc_memory_throttle_disable by default.
   * Improved slab object reclaim behavior.
   * Fixed disk cache flushing for 2.6.37 and newer kernels.
   * Fixed hot spare functionality.
   * Git <id>-<hash> included in release for working builds.
   * Updated dkms and kmod compliant packaging.
   * Added man pages for splat, fsck.zfs, mount.zfs, zhack,
     zinject, zpios, ztest, and zpool-features.

----------------------- SPL Change Log ---------------------------
Brian Behlendorf (16):
       Fix atomic64_* autoconf checks
       Disable automatic log dumping
       Remove INSTALL
       Fix spl_config.h install permissions
       Add KMODDIR to install target
       Remove custom install-data-local for headers
       Remove ARCH packaging
       Merge branch 'build-system'
       Merge branch 'linux-3.9'
       Change spl-kmod-devel install path
       Refresh RPM packaging
       Remove spl-dkms conflict with spl-kmod
       Use requested kernel for dkms builds
       Use 'git describe' for working builds
       Provide ${kmodname}-devel-kmod for yum-builddep
       Tag spl-0.6.1

Darik Horn (1):
       Create splat man page

Ned Bass (1):
       Refresh links to web site

Richard Yao (8):
       Fix HAVE_MUTEX_OWNER_TASK_STRUCT autotools check on PPC64
       Linux 3.9 compat: Include linux/sched/rt.h
       Linux 3.9 compat: Do not depend on f_vfsmnt
       Linux 3.9 compat: vfs_getattr takes two arguments
       Linux 3.9 compat: set_fs_root takes const struct path *
       Drop support for 3 argument version of set_fs_pwd
       Linux 3.9 compat: Switch to hlist_for_each{,_rcu}
       Do not call cond_resched() in spl_slab_reclaim()

----------------------- ZFS Change Log ---------------------------
Brian Behlendorf (35):
       Add zpool-features(5) man page
       Fix 1M references in zpool-features.5
       Cast 'zfs bad bloc' to ULL for x86
       Remove unused machelf.h header
       Update the zfs.8 "ZFS Volumes as Swap" section
       Add explicit MAXNAMELEN check
       Fix broken RPATH in spec file
       Enable zfs_arc_memory_throttle_disable by default
       Leaf vdevs should not be reopened
       Remove wholedisk check from vdev_disk_open()
       Fix hot spares
       Replace libexecdir with datadir
       Fix zfs_config.h install permissions
       Add KMODDIR to install target
       Add --with-dracutdir configure option
       Remove ARCH packaging
       Retire ZFS.RELEASE file
       Fix zdb.8 macro warning
       Merge branch 'build-system'
       Remove COPYING
       Change zfs-kmod-devel install path
       Configure --with-spl{-obj} auto-detect cleanup
       Refresh RPM packaging
       Add metaslab_debug option
       Add zio_ddt_free()+ddt_phys_decref() error handling
       Add spl-dkms dependency to zfs-dkms
       Add missing dependencies
       Refresh dracut module setup
       Remove zfs-dkms conflict with zfs-kmod
       Use BUILD_DEPENDS option for dkms builds
       Use requested kernel for dkms builds
       Use 'git describe' for working builds
       Provide ${kmodname}-devel-kmod for yum-builddep
       Include init scripts in packages
       Tag zfs-0.6.1

Darik Horn (3):
       Create mount.zfs, zinject, and zpios man pages.
       Create fsck.zfs and zhack man pages.
       Fix minor typos and update marketing copy.

Eric Dillmann (1):
       Add snapdev=[hidden|visible] dataset property

Etienne Dechamps (2):
       Use -Werror for all kernel configure tests.
       Remove the bio_empty_barrier() check.

George Wilson (1):
       Merge zvol.c changes from PSARC 2010/306 Read-only ZFS pools

Michael Gebetsroither (1):
       Import ztest.1 man page.

Ned Bass (2):
       Switch KM_SLEEP to KM_PUSHPAGE
       Refresh links to web site

Richard Yao (5):
       Fix function relocations in libzpool
       Make spa.c assertions catch unsupported pre-feature flag pool
       Eliminate runtime function pointer mods in autotools checks
       Constify structures containing function pointers
       Linux 3.9 compat: Undefine GCC_VERSION

Tim Connors (1):
       -x shouldn't warn about old on-disk format or unavailable features