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Jun 24, 2021, 4:54:15 AM6/24/21
to Foresight Community
Hello to everyone, 
How can we join a group based on a user's information on foresight? example: tacim...@dddd.k12.tr such as if the user is a member of a group that we have determined based on the information entered somewhere, such as any.


Jason Huang

Jun 24, 2021, 1:28:37 PM6/24/21
to Foresight Community, Tacim BULUT

Yes, you can connect some trigger with the Add group member action to automate group membership(s). 
One example trigger is User's organizational unit changed. If a user's moved from an OU to another given OU in your Google Admin Console, add the user to a predefined group. You can the tutorial in Auto Add Users To Groups After Changing User’s OU.
Another example trigger is the User created. If a user's created under a given OU, then add the new user to certain groups. You can the tutorial in Automatically Assign New Users To Groups In Google Workspace
Yet another example trigger is User alias added. If you add an email alias to a user, then add the user to certain groups. 

The automation depends on which user information is changed from you Google Admin Console. 
If you don't find the right trigger matching the user information your entered (e.g. we have yet to support custom attributes), please post any feedback. We will try to integrate them. 
Most of your user information changes will be reflected in the Admin Console Audit log as events.


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