Is a suspended user Inactive?

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Mark Warrender

May 10, 2024, 5:18:07 AMMay 10
to xFanatical Foresight Community
Hi all, back with another question.

We have setup a number of rules already to email a user to let them know there account is about to expire, then after 180 days we have setup a rule to suspend the user.  All of this is working well.  The next rule I am working on is to delete the user.  This rule doesnt seem to kick in after 194 days of inactivity.

It is setup in exactly the same way as all the other rules we have configured, but it doesnt seem to activate.

I am wondering if as the user was suspended in the last rule, the system is treating them as Inactive, so do I need to tick the box to "also incude exesting inactive users (not recommended)"?

This is running on a live environment so nervous about ticking a box saying (Not recommended), we do have a number of legacy accounts older than 194 days, so dont want to delete all of them in one go by enabling this setting.

I hope you can help me.

Kind regards


Jason Huang

May 10, 2024, 2:02:12 PMMay 10
to xFanatical Foresight Community,
Hello Mark, 

The User turned inactive trigger does not trigger for suspended users in Google Workspace. You could see a help text of the trigger as follows.  The primary purpose of the trigger is to know some Google Workspace user who hasn't signed in for a number of days. But if a user is suspended, they could not sign into Google Workspace anyway. 
You can keep the option Also include existing inactive users (not recommended) unchecked as it's only for Google users who have not signed in for more than the given number of days. It may cover your legacy user accounts older than 194 days. 

To schedule deleting a suspended user, please look into our another use case Auto delete Google Workspace users who have been suspended for 6 months. For example, when you suspend those Google users at the day 180, this use case can automate scheduling to delete the suspended user at day 194. With all automation rules enabled, the entire workflow looks like this.
  1. When an active Google user hasn't signed into Google Workspace for exactly 180 days, xFanatical Foresight automatically suspend the Google user.
  2. Upon the user suspension, xFanatical Foresight creates a Google Calendar event in 14 days titled "Delete user". 
  3. When the calendar event starts after 14 days, xFanatical Foresight deletes the suspended user. 
  4. If you decide not to delete the user, simply delete the Google Calendar event before it starts. 
You may need some testing for all the automation rule setups. Once the setups are done, xFanatical Foresight will auto-pilot for you user management case. 
I hope it helps. 
Thank you. 
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