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Jos Stella

Sep 17, 2021, 10:41:52 AM9/17/21
to Foresight Community
I'm a consultant and manage several Google and Outlook emails from within my clients.

I'd like to set up rules like: When me or someone adds a meeting on Calendar A, copy that to CalendarX (outlook).
Another: When me or someone adds a meeting on Calendar B, copy that to CalendarX (outlook). 
Basically the client on Outlook uses the calendar features to book meetings with me, but can't see my other conflicts for other clients.

Jason Huang

Sep 17, 2021, 6:22:29 PM9/17/21
to Foresight Community,
Yes, it's doable. 
  1. Aggregate your calendars (Calendar A, Calendar B and Calendar X) into a Google account. For instance, provided that calendar A is a Google account, share calendar B and calendar X with calendar A. Please see Share an Outlook calendarShare a Google calendar and Subscribe to a calendar in Google Calendar. Make sure the sharing permission for Calendar X is can edit so that the events can be created from the Calendar A. You can verify it manually adding a test event in the Calendar A's Google Calendar interface. 
  2. Sign up Foresight with Calendar A Google Account.
  3. Set up a rule. 1) The New calendar event trigger. Select Primary Calendar and Calendar B in the Calendars field and check both options of Also include events I was not invited to and Also include events I created) 2) The Copy event to calendar action. Select the Calendar Id variable for the Source calendar field, Calendar Event Id variable for the Event field and select Calendar X for the Destination calendar field.
  4. Once the rule is set, events added on either Calendar A or Calendar B will be copied to Calendar X. 
Hope it works.
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