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Aug 16, 2021, 3:10:30 PM8/16/21
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Hi Foresight users,

Here are the updates of version v4.2.0. 

What's new?

  • Added an Employee ID changed trigger. When a user's Employee ID in Employee Information is changed in Google Workspace Admin Console, it will trigger. A useful workflow is to automate reporting the user's new employee ID to the employee and their manager, Employee ID changed trigger => Email action.
  • Added a User manager changed trigger. When a user's manager email in Employee Information is changed in Google Workspace Admin Console, it will trigger. If your organization has high employee mobility for achieving better employee success, you may constantly update employees' manager emails and report such changes back to the original manager, the new manager and the employee. You can build a User manager changed trigger => Email action => Email action => Email action workflow to automate the process.
  • Added a Check event attendees action. This action checks if given emails are invited in a calendar event as attendees. 
  • Added an Add event attendee action. This action invites a guest to a calendar event. You can use this action to automate adding special guests to others events if they are missed in the events, e.g. New Calendar Event trigger => Check Event Attendees action => If the given guest is not in this calendar event => Email the event creator => Add Event Attendee action
  • Added a From field and a Reply to field in the Email action. The From field allows you to send the email from a different email address other than the associated Gmail, as Gmail supports email aliases. It helps automate massive emailing using a generic instead of The Reply to field is useful if you want the recipient to reply to a different email address instead of yourself. An example is for one-way notification email if you do not want recipients to reply to your email.

Issue fixes

  • Optimized various text fields to pop up variables drop down without typing the {{ symbols, e.g. the Primary Email field in Suspend User action or Add group member action.
  • Fixed 'reason: unknown' error in Delete user email alias action.
  • Fixed 'reason: unknown' error in Delete user tokens action.
  • Fixed 'reason: unknown' error in Delete app passwords action.
  • Fixed 'reason: unknown' error in Add user email alias action.
  • Limit the total wait time for a rule to 10 mins for chained Wait actions.
  • Added a dashed action rectangle in the workflow diagram while you're selecting a new action, so as to know where you're adding the action.
  • Fixed the Also include events I created option in New calendar event did not include my events without any attendees.
Thank you for being a valued Foresight user.
Jason Huang
Founder of xFanatical
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