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Aug 2, 2021, 2:50:04 PM8/2/21
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Hi Foresight users,

Here are the updates in version 4.1.0. 

What's new?

  • Updated the Get calendar agenda action.
    • Added a Skip X days option. This option allows the agenda to skip a few days before collecting the events in selected calendars. For example, on every Thursday, email the calendar agenda for next Monday to Friday, which skips 3 days.
    • Included time-zone information in the output agenda HTML.
  • Support reporting existing inactive users in the User turned inactive trigger. If you define that a user turns inactive when the user's last sign-in time is exactly 30 days ago, then those users whose last sign-in time are more than 30 days (35 days, 181 days, more than 1 year ago etc.) will be called existing inactive users. They will be reported in the trigger as well.
  • Added a global variable Current Week of Month. This is the current week of month number from 1-6 (at rule runtime). For example, the week of month number for date 7/30/2021 is 5, the fifth week of July.

Issue fixes

  • Fixed 'reason: unknown' issue in Add group member action
  • Changed the date is operator in If action conditions to [-15 min, +15 min] accuracy instead of same minute accuracy, which was hard to match.
Foresight Tips
  • Here is an IT/HR workflow to automate sending the manager an email for new employee user account. 
    1. User created trigger.
    2. Wait action. Set wait time to 300 seconds. 
    3. Get user info action. 
    4. Email action. Select the Manager variable in the To field. The variable is derived from the Get user info action. 
    5. Create the rule.
    6. Then create a user in Google Admin Console. After creating the user, add the manager's email in the Employee information within the 300 seconds window above. The user's manager shall receive an email for their new team member's account information. 
  • Filter new users based on the Department field in Employee information instead of organizational units (OU). In this case, add a Get user info action in the workflow to retrieve the information from its Department variable. Take the same user onboarding workflow as example,
    1. User created trigger. 
    2. Wait action. Set wait time to 300 seconds.
    3. Get user info action.
    4. If action. If the new user's Department text is exactly Finance, then do next action; If the new user's Department text is exactly Marketing, then do next action; other branches...; if user's Department matches none, then do nothing. 
  • Recurring emails from your Gmail. By connecting the Recurring times trigger and the Email action, you can automate sending recurring emails to yourself or your team, e.g. to remind your team of reporting project updates weekly. You can also add If action before the Email action to use different email templates. 
Thank you.
Jason from xFanatical
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