Issue 549 in webp: per_frame_options bug

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icyfi… via monorail

Jan 4, 2022, 9:30:13 PMJan 4
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New issue 549 by per_frame_options bug

I don't know where the bug is supposed to be filed for this; from reading the docs:

the "Synopsis" says: img2webp [file_level_options] [files] [per_frame_options...]

which to mean; means the correct commandline for what i'm running is this:

libwebp-1.2.2-rc1-windows-x64\libwebp-1.2.2-rc1-windows-x64\bin\img2webp.exe -o ScreenCapture\20220104T211619.webp ScreenCapture\Capture-20220104T205004.jpg ScreenCapture\Capture-20220104T205005.jpg -d 2048

When I run this though; the duration between frames is only 100 milliseconds.

If I read the example at the bottom of the documentation it shows the [per_frame_options...] ahead of the [files] and when I replicate my command line like that , the output is as expected

libwebp-1.2.2-rc1-windows-x64\libwebp-1.2.2-rc1-windows-x64\bin\img2webp.exe -d 2048 -o ScreenCapture\20220104T211619.webp ScreenCapture\Capture-20220104T205004.jpg ScreenCapture\Capture-20220104T205005.jpg

So I guess the question is, is the documentation wrong in that [per_frame_options...] go at the end, is the program wrong for not recognizing the [per_frame_options...] after the files.

Thank you
Dennis Rutherford

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ygu… via monorail

Jan 5, 2022, 3:43:12 AMJan 5

Comment #1 on issue 549 by per_frame_options bug

Thank you for the report.

As described at, "The per-frame options are applied for the images following as arguments in the command line". The Example also shows arguments preceding frames. I guess the Synopsis could be clearer, I will take a look.

ygu… via monorail

Jan 5, 2022, 8:20:18 AMJan 5
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