libaom v3.9.1 Released

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Wan-Teh Chang

Jun 10, 2024, 5:21:40 PMJun 10
Hello everyone,

libaom v3.9.1 has been released. This is a bug-fix patch release for
libaom v3.9.0.

The source code of the release can be checked out from the git
repository[1] using the release tag v3.9.1. Alternatively, the release
tarball[2], along with the signature file[3], can be downloaded.



2024-06-05 v3.9.1
This release includes several bug fixes. This release is ABI
compatible with the last release. See for all the
commits in this release.

- Bug Fixes
* aomedia:2754, aomedia:3567: Ensure thread stack size is at least
256 KB
* b:330639949, oss-fuzz:68195: Increase scaling in linsolve_wiener
* Fix high target data rate overflow.
* aomedia:3509: Fix two UBSan errors in av1_rc_update_framerate()
* aomedia:3382, chromium:339877165: update codec config after
svc/scale controls (CVE-2024-5493)
* aomedia:3561: libaom-3.8.2 armv7 Android build failed
* aomedia:3571: {,highbd_}intrapred_neon.c: Avoid over-reads in z1
and z3 preds
* aomedia:3578: libaom-3.9.0 undefined reference to
* aomedia:3579: Use round for RC calculations in cyclic_refresh
* aomedia:3580: Allow g_timebase.num to be greater than
* oss-fuzz:68774: libaom:av1_dec_fuzzer: Segv on unknown address in
* Arm SVE build fixes.
* av1_block_error_lp_neon: fix block_size param type
* av1_block_error_lp_sve: fix block_size param type
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