libaom v3.7.2 Released

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Wan-Teh Chang

Jan 19, 2024, 2:21:48 PMJan 19
Hello everyone,

libaom v3.7.2 has been released. This is a bug-fix patch release for
libaom v3.7.0.

The source code of the release can be checked out from the git
repository[1] using the release tag v3.7.2. Alternatively, the release
tarball[2], along with the signature file[3], can be downloaded.



2024-01-18 v3.7.2
This release includes three bug fixes. This release is ABI compatible
with the last release. See for all the
commits in this release.

- Bug Fixes
* aomedia:3520: get_cubic_kernel_dbl: Assertion `0 <= x && x < 1'
* aomedia:3526: alloc_compressor_data() is called during every
aom_codec_control() call on the encoder. Note that this partially
reverts the fix for bug aomedia:3349.
* b/310457427 and b/310766628: Only use rec_sse in CBR mode.
* Fix a hang of cmake on arm64 macOS with cmake 3.27.0 or later.
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