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Vadim Asadov

Mar 18, 2021, 2:31:28 AM3/18/21
to Codec Developers

SIF Video Codec project was started about 20 years ago as a pure new video compression approach based on human visual cortex model (now known as Feynman Machine). As the results SIF Codec has adaptive bitrate management and in-frame parallelization natively embedded into the core of compression technology.

We are glad to share its latest version for a community here. You can find a follow set of files:

-        Direct Show Decoder and VFW Encoder for Windows

-        Console Utilities and Libraries for Windows (documentation is included)

-        Console Utilities and Libraries for Linux (documentation is included)



You may use dynamic libraries to embed SIF compression technology into your projects based on non-commercial research license from SIF Codec LLC. SIF Codec architecture is fully independent from any third-party IP rights, including patents and copyrights.


SIF Codec has its own:

-        patented texture coding technology

-        patented entropy engine (more effective than CABAC)

-        original and optimized technology of movement compensation

SIF Codec does not use:

-        any loop filtering technologies and have better texture details because of it

-        predictors and merge for movement vectors coding

Planned further improvements:

-        B-frames implementation (right now SIF Codec works in zero latency mode only)

-        Further optimization from pure C and SSE to more advanced structures

-        Encoder and decoder GPU implementation. Parallelization.

Some technical details:


The main encoding mode of the SIF Codec is the coding with a fix level of visual quality. It is CRF mode analogue, but implemented by new independent methods.

Quality level key: --viz_dist=<arg>

Its values:

0 - loseless mode
<30 - “almost loseless” mode
40 - high level of quality
<70 - acceptable level of quality.


Console encoder (both Win and Linux) input formats: raw file (with or without title).
Windows console encoder can also process AviSynth scripts, including 10 bits and 16 bits input formats. Console encoders can save compressed data to AVI container or in RAW format.

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