libvpx v1.12.0 Torrent Duck Finalized

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Jerome Jiang

Jun 28, 2022, 8:16:34 PMJun 28
to Jerome Jiang
Hello everyone,

libvpx v1.12.0 Torrent Duck is finalized. 
Here is the release note.


Release Note

This release adds optimizations for Loongarch, adds support for vp8 in the real-time rate control library, upgrades GoogleTest to v1.11.0, updates libwebm to libwebm-, and includes numerous bug fixes.

This release is available from the git repository and the v1.12.0 tarball, along with the asc file.
  • Upgrading:
    • This release is ABI compatible with the previous release.
    • vp8 support in the real-time rate control library.
    • New codec control VP8E_SET_RTC_EXTERNAL_RATECTRL is added.
    • Configure support for darwin21 is added.
    • GoogleTest is upgraded to v1.11.0.
    • libwebm is updated to libwebm-
  • Enhancement:
    • Numerous improvements on checking memory allocations.
    • Optimizations for Loongarch.
    • Code clean-up.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix to a crash related to {vp8/vp9}_set_roi_map.
    • Fix to compiling failure with -Wformat-nonliteral.
    • Fix to integer overflow with vp9 with high resolution content.
    • Fix to AddNoiseTest failure with ARMv7.
    • Fix to libvpx Null-dereference READ in vp8.
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