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libwebp-0.3.0 James Zern 4/1/13 2:55 PM

I pushed the final libwebp-0.3.0 archives [1]. There are no changes since rc7.
The remainder of the archives: iOS, WIC, etc. and the developer pages will be updated in the coming days.

from the NEWS file:
  This is a binary compatible release.
  * WebPINewRGB/WebPINewYUVA accept being passed a NULL output buffer
    and will perform auto-allocation.
  * default filter option is now '-strong -f 60'
  * encoding speed-up for lossy methods 3 to 6
  * alpha encoding can be done in parallel to lossy using 'cwebp -mt ...'
  * color profile, metadata (XMP/EXIF) and animation support finalized in the
  * various NEON assembly additions
  Tool updates / additions:
    * gif2webp added
    * vwebp given color profile & animation support
    * cwebp can preserve color profile / metadata with '-metadata'

Re: libwebp-0.3.0 Reynaldy Ajie Pamungkas 4/1/13 10:30 PM

still don't support thumbnail in wordpress :( but, in post its work

sorry my english bad ^^