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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
See main page: https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/

Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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Issue 339 in webp: Investigate removal / refinement of WORK_AROUND_GCC jz… via monorail 1:05 AM
Symantec detects WS.Reputation from Windows dwebp.exe mrpie...@gmail.com 10/19/17
Issue 363 in webp: lossless encoding fail on arm gcc 4.8 as… via monorail 10/19/17
Issue 361 in webp: Incorrect WebP decoding in Chrome on Windows j… via monorail 10/18/17
Issue 362 in webp: WebPIDecoder does not get correct rgba bitmap on multi-threads env on x86 architecture(but works great on ARM) lizhuoli… via monorail 10/18/17
Knowing if background color was set lixo...@gmail.com 10/17/17
how to decode into YV12 - how to set the background color Jose Colmenares 10/10/17
Issue 360 in webp: blending is not correct solozhen… via monorail 10/9/17
Issue 355 in webp: cosmetic fixes pascal.m… via monorail 10/9/17
Issue 358 in webp: HAVE_CPU_FEATURES_H redefinition for Android CMake build g… via monorail 9/26/17
Issue 356 in webp: videos will not play on html 5 and it is checked and using chrome bbloo… via monorail 9/25/17
How to convert video into Webp C W 9/22/17
Issue 240 in webp: Webp Codec Install Fail jz… via monorail 9/21/17
Issue 270 in webp: WebP plugin Photoshop jzern@google.com via Monorail 9/21/17
Issue 359 in webp: why the command "webpmux -get frame 2 xxx.webp -o 2.webp" get a wrong size image? zhijie.l… via monorail 9/21/17
Issue 309 in webp: WebP animation can't play only once gn00742… via monorail 9/20/17
Thoughts on WebP derived from pos/neg film & digitized captures Michael Quentin Angelo Sidors 9/20/17
[ANN] animated webp loop behavior changing in Chrome James Zern 9/20/17
New WebP Codec for Windows release Mikołaj Zalewski 9/19/17
libvpx-VP9 reference slots Yang Liu 9/14/17
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