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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
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Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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Issue 379 in webp: huge different frame rate with origin GIF image huanghua… via monorail 12:04 AM
smartYUV for sRGB pdknsk 3/23/18
The Windows Explorer WEBP codec Aditya Nawalgaria 3/22/18
Issue 376 in webp: oss-fuzz pdk… via monorail 3/20/18
How do I set the options (config.options) when performing incremental decoding? null name 3/15/18
Issue 378 in webp: Support interlaced webp images (and better document lack of support in the meantime) jabron… via monorail 3/13/18
Issue 377 in webp: Physical aspect of image is lost julio.ve… via monorail 3/8/18
Issue 375 in webp: Feature Request: Preserve timestamp from original file pvanderd… via monorail 3/1/18
Re: Pictures downloading as .webp??? skal 2/25/18
Chrome audits and WebP vincent.rabaud 2/14/18
Issue 374 in webp: minor docs link error pdk… via monorail 2/6/18
Issue 366 in webp: Build failure with SDL support enabled on macOS ryandesi… via monorail 2/5/18
Issue 368 in webp: Problems when rendering WebP file carrying transparency as well as EXIF tag mi… via monorail 2/1/18
Issue 372 in webp: Compile fails for mips64r6 when using -Werror option djordje.… via monorail 2/1/18
Issue 371 in webp: gif2webp doesn't take stdin as argument. rhastant… via monorail 1/26/18
Why Android Studio reports syntax error: '(' unexpected when Use img2webp on Android Platform brycelee 1/25/18
PNG support not compiled. Please install the libpng development package before building. leezx1993 1/23/18
Issue 370 in webp: lint error on img2webp.1 manpage jbrei… via monorail 1/23/18
WebP with EXIF rotation Leon Scroggins 1/18/18
Re: Detecting if webp file exist on server skal 1/10/18
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