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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
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Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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Issue 311 in webp: CMYK - Unsupported Color Conversion Format khanduja… via monorail 9/26/16
Half-float compression format Matt Sarett 9/26/16
What does frame offset should factor in window size? codeli...@gmail.com 9/23/16
Fwd: Quick question on WebP vikasa 9/22/16
Re: gif2webp in Java Urvang Joshi 9/22/16
Issue 292 in webp: Wrong transparency when converting from TIFF tal@cloudinary.com via Monorail 9/22/16
No vp9? Pei JIA 9/20/16
smartYUV for sRGB pdknsk 9/20/16
Why header size is at most 512k? franc...@clustertech.com 9/15/16
Potentially bumping the build requirement to C99 vincent.rabaud 9/13/16
Issue 148 in webp: WIC codec does not support animation raullo… via monorail 9/12/16
Issue 225 in webp: Lossless spec does not specify uint8 to int8 conversion pascal.m… via monorail 9/12/16
Issue 171 in webp: i try to convert JPG to WEBP by webp-imageio ,But fail . Can someone help me? pascal.m… via monorail 9/9/16
WebP does not seem to produce lossless image when converting a PNG with alpha channel 钱尚书 9/9/16
Issue 277 in webp: Expose image decoding and encoding to WebPPicture as a library shubham.bittu@gmail.com via Monorail 9/8/16
4:4:4 chroma subsampling support vincent...@gmail.com 9/8/16
Issue 309 in webp: WebP animation can't play only once gn00742… via monorail 9/8/16
Issue 129 in webp: How to use the patch for firefox??? pascal.m… via monorail 9/7/16
Issue 247 in webp: Ksnapshot crashes/segfaults when dragging screenshot to web browser window pascal.m… via monorail 9/7/16
Issue 244 in webp: MinGW SSE2 segfault pascal.m… via monorail 9/6/16
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