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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
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Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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smartYUV for sRGB pdknsk 8/27/16
Convert your images to WebP format. by grunt-webp Mr. Pleb web designer 8/27/16
Issue 307 in webp: iosbuild.sh framework linker errors jjx… via monorail 8/26/16
Issue 153 in webp: Lossless compression size varies by up to 2.9% based on different q and m parameter values pascal.m… via monorail 8/24/16
Issue 305 in webp: WebP is unable to preserve gradients at any compression level other than lossless anestl… via monorail 8/22/16
"near-lossless" is not in documentation Tom Bigelajzen 8/20/16
Issue 297 in webp: investigate unsigned integer overflow warnings in the encoder jzern@google.com via Monorail 8/19/16
Issue 306 in webp: Underlinking in libwebpmux (undefined reference to 'pow') floppyma… via monorail 8/17/16
WebP is now supported on Safari 10 both on macOS sierra and iOS 10 Roney Thomas 8/15/16
Issue 284 in webp: encoder 0.5.0 broken (transparent area) ringo@g5e.com via Monorail 8/15/16
Lossless webp and has_alpha Matt Sarett 8/12/16
Issue 227 in webp: Ship gdk-pixbuf loader rauter.gabriel@gmail.com via Monorail 8/9/16
Issue 164 in webp: iOS framework jzern@google.com via Monorail 8/9/16
Maximum Resolution Scott 8/6/16
Issue 279 in webp: Multiple build commands for output file glen.tregoning@indiegogo.com via Monorail 8/2/16
Written a script to convert images to AV1 codec ! Alexey Eromenko 8/2/16
Issue 304 in webp: Is there a way to get a particul:qar -DWEBP_SWAP_16BIT_CSP by default? mtkl… via monorail 8/2/16
[ANN] libwebp 0.5.1 release candidate James Zern 7/26/16
Feature-request: New still-image format for AV1-based codec Alexey Eromenko 7/23/16
Issue 303 in webp: Feature Request: Extended Bit Depth dan… via monorail 7/23/16
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