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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
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Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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[ANN] libwebp 0.4.3 release candidate James Zern 3/4/15
Issue 225 in webp: Lossless spec does not specify uint8 to int8 conversion we...@googlecode.com 2/25/15
Issue 242 in webp: Trying to make dll file using nmake.exe we...@googlecode.com 2/25/15
Issue 243 in webp: Build Fails with XCode 6.3 we...@googlecode.com 2/19/15
WebP near-lossless vikasa 2/17/15
Binary compatibility Tomasz Jamroszczak 2/17/15
WebP RGB565 encoding? Hyosung Jeon 2/16/15
Issue 241 in webp: Incorrect flag details in WebP file header documentation? we...@googlecode.com 2/14/15
Fun fact: You can use webpmux to create a single static image which combines lossy and lossless parts Jos Hirth 2/5/15
Issue 240 in webp: Webp Codec Install Fail we...@googlecode.com 2/3/15
Issue 109 in webp: no way to free memory from managed code we...@googlecode.com 1/31/15
How to create animated WebP? ryan...@gmail.com 1/30/15
Issue 239 in webp: alpha artifacts we...@googlecode.com 1/23/15
Embedding EXIF data in webp files and reading it out jordan.s...@gmail.com 1/22/15
Compiling cwebp for Android, PNG support not compiled. janjo...@gmail.com 1/20/15
how 'WebPPictureImportRGBA' function working and what it done qq335...@gmail.com 1/20/15
Issue 232 in webp: Red and blue colors change during jpg converstion to webp we...@googlecode.com 1/15/15
libwebp for C# / .NET thomasp...@gmail.com 1/14/15
Issue 238 in webp: WebP JNI Wrapper for Advanced API we...@googlecode.com 1/14/15
can I create a webp compression app forthe mobile device with the functions provided at thistime Matthew Przystup 1/12/15
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