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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
See main page: https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/

Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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Please change include paths Juan Linietsky 8/17/17
Wish to remove webp file downloading from Chrome. How do I change or remove compression proxy for webp? Andre Gaspard 8/16/17
The Windows Explorer WEBP codec Aditya Nawalgaria 8/16/17
Re: webp. I don't like it, how can I revert back to the usual .jpg format? Y. Storm 8/16/17
Issue 304 in webp: Is there a way to get a particular -DWEBP_SWAP_16BIT_CSP by default? jz… via monorail 8/15/17
Issue 319 in webp: some webp images created with PHP imagewebp display as white only in Chrome 1der1… via monorail 8/15/17
Issue 331 in webp: Unable to build libwebp-0.6.0 on Sierra (macOS 10.12.3) charles.… via monorail 8/15/17
Issue 341 in webp: Wrong JPEG library version: library is 90, caller expects 80 bb.be… via monorail 8/15/17
Issue 353 in webp: build failure with android ndk standalone toolchain jz… via monorail 8/15/17
Automatic conversion JPEG to Webp Paulo Monteiro 8/13/17
WebPDemux - user provided "Read" function lixo...@gmail.com 8/11/17
Use vp9 with webp Pavel P 8/9/17
Re: Pictures downloading as .webp??? skal 8/9/17
Issue 355 in webp: cosmetic fixes pascal.m… via monorail 8/9/17
Use WEBP in google cloud function poovizhi.c...@littlestarmedia.com 8/3/17
Webp animation questions Saudademaru Envy 8/3/17
Issue 349 in webp: Problematic frame: WEBP latest version zack… via monorail 8/2/17
Issue 354 in webp: memory leak in webp_js demo pascal.m… via monorail 8/1/17
Issue 352 in webp: add portable intrinsics / wasm support for lossy decoding jz… via monorail 8/1/17
Pre-multiplied alpha and sRGB color spaces. Samuel Williams 7/31/17
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