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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
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Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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Webp decode speed Denis 8:14 AM
How to embed color profile? dope...@gmail.com 2:42 AM
Issue 137 in webp: WebP source does not compile cleanly with full warnings on. vrab… via monorail 1/12/17
Issue 273 in webp: WebP not generated properly for specific image totochicote@gmail.com via Monorail 1/9/17
Issue 148 in webp: WIC codec does not support animation raullo… via monorail 12/22/16
Issue 304 in webp: Is there a way to get a particular -DWEBP_SWAP_16BIT_CSP by default? jz… via monorail 12/21/16
Issue 307 in webp: iosbuild.sh framework linker errors jjx… via monorail 12/21/16
Issue 324 in webp: Webp Image not displaying in the Jelly Bean device 4.1.1 royalps2… via monorail 12/21/16
[ANN] libwebp 0.5.2 release candidate James Zern 12/20/16
Fix "all|no frames are keyframes" settings. Jehan Pagès 12/16/16
WebP previous frame dispose (again question) act...@gmail.com 12/14/16
Issue 321 in webp: integer overflow in utils.c debug code jz… via monorail 12/13/16
The problem about gif2webp and webp convert to gif songmeng...@gmail.com 12/13/16
Issue 323 in webp: Version info missing in Windows .dll files skuldw… via monorail 12/13/16
Issue 53 in webp: Now we have WIC codec on Windows, how about other OS? amorecrys32@gmail.com via Monorail 12/10/16
Issue 225 in webp: Lossless spec does not specify uint8 to int8 conversion pascal.m… via monorail 12/9/16
Issue 306 in webp: Underlinking in libwebpmux (undefined reference to 'pow') floppyma… via monorail 12/9/16
Using Webp compression in Android Rana Shafaqat 12/9/16
Issue 313 in webp: configure detection of neon support can no longer rely on arm_neon.h presence nish.ara… via monorail 12/7/16
Issue 319 in webp: some webp images created with PHP imagewebp display as white only in Chrome 1der1… via monorail 12/1/16
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