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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
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Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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Webp MIME Type on Apache 2.4 using magic file richard....@gmail.com 5/20/15
Issue 249 in webp: -size and -psnr don't work in webp with the version 0.4.3 we...@googlecode.com 5/20/15
Is there a Spotlight importer for WebP? lae...@googlemail.com 5/19/15
Re: WebP GUI - for Mac OS X skal 5/19/15
Issue 247 in webp: Ksnapshot crashes/segfaults when dragging screenshot to web browser window we...@googlecode.com 5/18/15
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Issue 248 in webp: configure fails on cygwin/msys without g++ installed we...@googlecode.com 5/12/15
WebP for Windows Silent Installation lin...@gmail.com 5/8/15
Suggestion for "previous" disposal method Alexey Solovey 5/8/15
WebP GUI for Mac Shogo Sensui 5/3/15
[PATCH] WebP support in Firefox, refreshed patch skal 5/1/15
Issue 246 in webp: build-binary.mk:315 recipe for target failed we...@googlecode.com 4/30/15
Extended WebP file header popov.sta...@gmail.com 4/29/15
Issue 156 in webp: undefined reference to `WebPEncodeRGB' function we...@googlecode.com 4/26/15
[ANN] gerrit.chromium (code review) migration James Zern 4/22/15
Building in VS2013 (trying to) test...@gmail.com 4/17/15
Issue 74 in webp: cannot convert high resolution images we...@googlecode.com 4/17/15
Issue 245 in webp: gif2webp -lossy produces corrupted Webp for GIFs with transparency we...@googlecode.com 4/15/15
SSIM calculation for webp images Naseer Ahmad 4/7/15
How to find the bitrate of image encoded using WebP deepu philip 4/6/15
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