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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
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Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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Issue 265 in webp: Visual artefacts appear when filtering is enabled on a thumbnail sheet we...@googlecode.com 10/10/15
Issue 236 in webp: webp format Pixel was crash we...@googlecode.com 10/9/15
Issue 249 in webp: -size and -psnr don't work in webp with the version 0.4.3 we...@googlecode.com 10/9/15
Issue 96 in webp: webpll converts 64bit-PNGs to 32bit-PNG while encoding we...@googlecode.com 10/9/15
Issue 262 in webp: SIGBUS in HistogramAddEval() on IRIX while encoding lossless images we...@googlecode.com 10/9/15
Issue 254 in webp: scaled decodes seem to use uninitialized memory we...@googlecode.com 10/9/15
Issue 268 in webp: 64 bits png lost his alpha when converted with cwebp we...@googlecode.com 10/8/15
Issue 267 in webp: Cannot Enable Bit Code for IOS 9 we...@googlecode.com 10/8/15
Delta-palettization mis...@google.com 10/3/15
LZ77 engine comparison for lossless image compression mis...@google.com 10/2/15
Issue 266 in webp: File read correctly by Chrome (and WebPDemux) but fails with webpmux (and WebPMux) we...@googlecode.com 10/1/15
Animated WebP in Android client Edward Foux 10/1/15
Issue 264 in webp: File successfully decoded in 0.4.0 and fails in 0.4.3 we...@googlecode.com 9/28/15
libwebp API - get full animation frame (not interframe) Alexey Solovey 9/19/15
Unsupported color conversion request Anjanesh 9/17/15
Help docs feedback Joe Duarte 9/17/15
Issue 263 in webp: Doc improvement we...@googlecode.com 9/17/15
HowTo: Ubuntu: install latest libwebp lib with ImageMagick skal 9/14/15
Issue 258 in webp: libwebp disallows acceptable buffer sizes we...@googlecode.com 9/13/15
Decode Animated WebP consume much time than expected. Yue Liu 9/10/15
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