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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
See main page: https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/

Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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podspec 0.6.0 Shahar Hadas 3:16 PM
Issue 336 in webp: regression in webp lossless (palette) pdk… via monorail 4/21/17
Issue 341 in webp: Wrong JPEG library version: library is 90, caller expects 80 bb.be… via monorail 4/21/17
FYI (SharpYUV) pdknsk 4/19/17
Issue 338 in webp: Encode webp with an embedded ICC profile msar… via monorail 4/17/17
Issue 342 in webp: Missing WebPFree symbol in library leif.o.m… via monorail 4/17/17
Wrong JPEG library version: library is 90, caller expects 80 Benedetto Bernardini 4/14/17
Chrome extension to highlight WebP images vincent.rabaud 4/13/17
Why are these .Webp files of emoji charelacters piping up on my device !? I haven't downloaded them. But open my gallery and there they are. With one per album. Which makes for a lot of albums smack in the middle of my album directory? Gene Jones 4/13/17
single obj file, amalgamation obje...@you-spam.com 4/12/17
Exporting still from .mov to webp? Jack Hunter 4/3/17
Can't open picture that saved by Chrome ,help needed Jacky Lee 3/31/17
Issue 319 in webp: some webp images created with PHP imagewebp display as white only in Chrome 1der1… via monorail 3/27/17
Issue 340 in webp: Colors get distorted when cwebp converts png to webp adi… via monorail 3/27/17
Issue 330 in webp: webp_info pdk… via monorail 3/26/17
Issue 339 in webp: Investigate removal / refinement of WORK_AROUND_GCC jz… via monorail 3/23/17
demo page with WebP decoding in JavaScript skal 3/21/17
Issue 337 in webp: Unable to access a Google product m… via monorail 3/20/17
Grayscale, palette, and other color modes Alexey Starfall 3/18/17
WebP codec for windows outdated? Spunkie 3/16/17
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