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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
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Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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Issue 287 in webp: Lossy gif2webp creates weird artifacts maxstepin@gmail.com via Monorail 4:48 PM
Issue 279 in webp: Multiple build commands for output file glen.tregoning@indiegogo.com via Monorail 12:20 PM
WebP website FAQ: Please add Pale Moon ferenn...@gmail.com 2/6/16
WebP more CPU decode? peter...@gmail.com 2/4/16
webp lossless - tip by gzip compression in php peter...@gmail.com 2/4/16
Issue 280 in webp: use of uninitialized memory john.regehr@gmail.com via Monorail 2/1/16
Issue 195 in webp: improper blending method in anim pascal.massimino@gmail.com via Monorail 2/1/16
Issue 86 in webp: Import error to MS Word 2010 pascal.massimino@gmail.com via Monorail 2/1/16
Issue 286 in webp: The resolution limit of Webp heiseikiseki@gmail.com via Monorail 2/1/16
what for WebP? wain...@gmail.com 1/28/16
Issue 285 in webp: Android *.9.png convert to webP tansydady@gmail.com via Monorail 1/26/16
Compressing webp image and saving it in webp format dinesh...@lavainternational.in 1/19/16
Crash on Solaris Sparc (big endian) Jeroen Ooms 1/16/16
cwebp in 0.5.0 is faster than 0.4.0, what has changed? Andrea Zhu 1/16/16
Issue 54 in webp: cwebp is slow pascal.massimino@gmail.com via Monorail 1/13/16
Issue 284 in webp: encoder 0.5.0 broken (transparent area) ringo@g5e.com via Monorail 1/13/16
(libwebp mux; c/c++) animated webp and YUV-encoded frames m.els...@gmail.com 1/12/16
Issue decoding WebP images with semi-transparent pixels on Android via JNI Marc Reichelt 1/9/16
cwebp does not run as a cron job ahmadtr...@gmail.com 1/9/16
Versioning scheme for WebP library Shubham Chandra Gupta 1/8/16
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