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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
See main page: https://developers.google.com/speed/webp/

Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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Issue 319 in webp: some webp images created with PHP imagewebp display as white only in Chrome 1der1… via monorail 12/1/16
Lossless webp is smaller than lossy webp Inian Parameshwaran 11/30/16
Compressed size surprises [was: Lossless webp is smaller than lossy webp] skal 11/30/16
Webp animation questions saudad...@gmail.com 11/28/16
Issue 317 in webp: gif2webp not working on solaris(5.10) kirthika… via monorail 11/28/16
Issue 318 in webp: WebPEncodeRGBA not found in precompiled ios framework tapani.s… via monorail 11/28/16
Issue 307 in webp: iosbuild.sh framework linker errors jjx… via monorail 11/28/16
WebP Encoding-Compile time issue pree...@gmail.com 11/24/16
Issue 313 in webp: configure detection of neon support can no longer rely on arm_neon.h presence nish.ara… via monorail 11/23/16
Next libwebp Nicholas Doyle 11/22/16
Questions about Progressive Webp on iOS 蔡哲人 11/9/16
change animation delay using webpmux Greg Miernicki 11/9/16
Server setup for webp images webm...@primalpictures.com 10/25/16
Issue 315 in webp: linked Photoshop Plugin does not work on Photoshop CC christop… via monorail 10/24/16
about some recent changes in SSIM metric calculation skal 10/20/16
Re: How do you get image size without decompressing the image skal 10/20/16
Acacia - a tool for automatially tuning WebP and JPEG compression John Thomson 10/18/16
Ping-pong looping? vapo...@gmail.com 10/14/16
Issue 309 in webp: WebP animation can't play only once gn00742… via monorail 10/13/16
Publish webp to Homebrew Andrew Pennebaker 10/6/16
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