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This is the place to ask everything about WebP, the image compression format.
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Discussions are rather technical most of the time, but not always!

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Issue 376 in webp: oss-fuzz pdk… via monorail 5/24/18
implement webp in android camera app. Cesar CASTELLO BRANCO 5/20/18
Issue 382 in webp: Integer Overflow on loop count > UINT16 in gif2webp dani… via monorail 5/14/18
Webpmux is not creating animation properly Awais Tariq 5/12/18
VB.NET: How to save a WebP encoded image to disk flora...@gmail.com 5/9/18
Issue 101 in webp: How to convert multiple images in subfolders too? we...@googlecode.com 5/8/18
Animated Webp Encoding Yipeng Wang 5/7/18
Issue 381 in webp: Excessive allocation (7271) d… via monorail 5/3/18
Issue 187 in webp: vwebp: GLUT is deprecated in OS X 10.9 bugdro… via monorail 5/2/18
[ANN] libwebp 1.0.0 release candidate James Zern 4/20/18
Issue 380 in webp: vwebp & spec frame duration 0 inconsistency jz… via monorail 4/20/18
About frame duration for animation 书林 4/20/18
Issue 378 in webp: Support interlaced webp images (and better document lack of support in the meantime) jabron… via monorail 4/18/18
Issue 137 in webp: WebP source does not compile cleanly with full warnings on. vrab… via monorail 4/13/18
Re: Pictures downloading as .webp??? skal 4/12/18
in Extended WebP file header, the bits order for flags is in "big-endian" or "little-endian"? 书林 4/9/18
Amazon S3 Liron Meir Hefetz 4/9/18
Issue 365 in webp: [vwebp] animation flickers on windows & mac jz… via monorail 4/3/18
Issue 340 in webp: Colors get distorted when cwebp converts png to webp adi… via monorail 4/3/18
Issue 305 in webp: WebP is unable to preserve gradients at any compression level other than lossless anestl… via monorail 4/3/18
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